Frankenstein Cupcakes

These adorable Frankenstein Cupcakes are perfect for Halloween. Baked in ice cream cones, these chocolate Halloween cupcakes topped with Reese’s are as fun as they are easy to make.

– chocolate cake mix – oil – water – eggs – cake cones – food color spray – andy eyes – chocolate frosting – decorating gel black – Reese's Peanut Butter Cups


– In a large mixing bowl mix the cake mix with oil, water, and eggs until smooth – Place cake cones inside a baking dish or bread loaf pans  – Pour cake batter into cones

– Bake  – Let the cupcakes cool completely – Spray the cupcake cones with the green food spray – Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting

– Let that dry  – use chocolate frosting to glue the candy eyes onto the green ice cream cones – Use black gel to make stitches and a curvy mouth – Place Reese's Cups on top of the cupcakes

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