Ghost Cupcakes

These Ghost Cupcakes are so much fun and delicious Made with foil balls to shape the cupcakes into ghostly figures, these Ghost Cupcakes are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party.

– cake mix  – water – oil – eggs – white frosting – black decorating gel


– In a large bowl mix your cake mix with the necessary ingredients like eggs, oil, water, and mix – Then, you'll line your cupcakes with white cupcake wrappers – Rip off strips of foil and tear those into small squares  – Roll the foil squares into balls of foil

– Spoon or pour cupcake batter into cupcake wrappers  – Place 4 foil balls around each filled wrapper in the shape of a cross – Bake

– Pipe frosting into a cross shape onto each cupcake – Spread and shape the frosting around the cupcake into a ghost figure – For the tail, pull the frosting past the cupcake and down a little bit into a tip – Decorate the face of the ghost with the black decorating gel

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