Ghost Face Halloween Game

Ghost Face is a simple-to-make Halloween Game that’s fun for all ages to play. A fun and hilarious game to play at your Halloween parties. An easy fall game for everyone.

– Paper Plates – Candy Corn – Whipped Topping – Paper towel


– Prepare plates by spreading candy corn around the plate and covering the candy with whipped cream – Set out the smaller plates or bowls next to the prepared plates – Divide players into 2 or more teams

– Sit players in front of the plates that are filled with whipped cream – Set the timer for 1 minute – Players should, (only using their mouths) find all of the candy corn under the whipped cream and place them into the empty plate next to them

– Switch players after each round until everyone has had a turn – The team to find the most candy corn wins – Don’t forget to hand the contestants paper towel to wipe their ghost face off

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