Gingerbread Christmas Cheese Ball

This Gingerbread Christmas Cheese Ball is a fun and easy to make recipe. The perfect appetizer for your holiday festivities. A simple 4 ingredient recipe.

– soft cream cheese – chives  – Buddig Ham  – Chopped Walnuts  – black olives  – Crackers


– In your large bowl, mix cream cheese, chives and ham – Set your platter out and begin forming the head of the gingerbread man with 1/3 of the mixture – Once you’ve got the head the way you like it, move on to the oval shaped body with another 1/3 of the mixture

– Add arms and legs with the rest – Use a silicone spatula sprayed with oil to smooth and spread  – When you are satisfied with your shape, pour walnut pieces over the entire surface. Press them down a bit so they stick

– Now, grab your cream cheese and press it into a small baggie – push it down into the bottom corner and snip off a small section of the corner – Make the white squiggle lines on the arms and legs by squeezing the cream cheese out

– Make the face with the cream cheese in the baggie – Use the halves of the olives with the cross pattern as buttons – That’s it! You’re done. Enjoy with crackers

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