Guess that Smell Christmas Game

A fun Christmas guessing game of smelling items in a jar and trying to guess the smell. Hilarious, fun, and easy to put together.

– containers with lids – optional blindfolds – items for Christmas smells


– Items should be hidden in containers and numbered – The person in charge should have the list of the items written down to compare with the players – Players should be given paper and pencils to keep track of their guesses

– You can time this game so they only have seconds to guess – Containers should be passed down through all of the players giving them a chance to smell the item – Players should write down what Christmas Scent is in the jar or what Christmas smells it represents

– One point for getting it really close. For example: they guessed Chocolate when it was really a Hershey's Kiss – A bonus point if they guess the exact contents of the jar

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