Guess Who?

A fun Christmas game 

Guess Who? is a fun Christmas game for everyone to play. It is easy to set up and very simple. A hilarious holiday game for the family.

– Santa Hats  – Double-Sided Tape – Index Cards – Marker – Timer


– Pass out cards – face down to each player – Each player, without looking at the front of their cards, should pick them up and place them on their Santa Hat

– When it’s their turn, the player should set the timer for 1 minute – They should ask the other players on their team questions to help them identify the name on their head – The answers can only be “yes”, “no”, “could be”, or “I don’t know” answers

– Players in the one minute they have can ask each of the other players a single question – If the minute has not run out and they have asked everyone at the table a question,  they can keep going around the table and ask one more question to each player

– At any point, during their turn, they can guess who or what they have on their head, but if they are wrong, the turn is up and it goes to the next player – If the timer runs out while still asking players, their turn is up  – The team or individual who guesses the most correctly wins!

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