Halloween Mason Jar

Get into the Halloween spirit by creating Halloween Mason Jar Decor. This Halloween decoration is so fun and easy to make. You can create any haunted scene you want.

– Mason Jar  – styrofoam balls – llue gun with glue sticks – miniature Halloween or Fall Display Accessories  – Spider web – Black Sharpie


– Cut the styrofoam ball in half – Unscrew the mason jar and flip the lid over – Glue the ball to the lid of the mason jar – Use a Sharpie to color the styrofoam ball black


– haunted tree: trim a small portion from your black twig Push the end of the twig into the stryofoam  – Add other accessories to the top of the styrofoam ball and glue down – Ghosts:  ripped pieces of a coffee filter  – Add a Spider web

– Place the glass or plastic jar over the display and screw the lid on tight

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