Ham & Cheese Sliders

These ham and cheese sliders are a delicious and easy-to-make meal. They can be frozen and made ahead of time. This is a quick recipe that can make dozens at a time and be warmed up as needed.


– Sliced Quarter Ham – Swiss Cheese slices – cup unsalted butter  – sweet onions – poppy seeds –yellow mustard – garlic powder – Small Slider Rolls

Optional Butter Topping Ingredients:

– melted unsalted butter  –poppy seeds


– melt a stick of butter – Saute onion – Add poppy seeds, yellow mustard, and garlic powder – Continue to cook for a few more minutes while stirring occasionally

– Open the rolls and add some cooked onions, a slice of folded ham, and folded cheese slice to each roll – Place tops back onto rolls – Place all sliders in a baking dish

Optional Butter Instructions: 

– Mix melted butter and poppy seeds, pour over rolls – Place foil over the baking dish – Bake until cheese is melted and ham is heated through

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