Homemade Bird Feeder for Winter

These homemade bird feeders for winter are a fun craft that the kids can help make and enjoy. An easy  way to craft something beautiful and feed the birds at the same time.

– Mini Cake Bundt pan or doughnut baking pan – Birdseed – Fresh Cranberries and other berries  – (Optional) sprigs of evergreen trees  – ribbon to hang the wreaths with – other optional bird food items


– Fill the bundt cake pan or similar pan cavities with berries, and evergreen – once you’ve got your bird food placed inside, start pouring your water in

– Pop the cake pan into the freezer, or outside – When frozen – place a baking sheet in the sink to catch any runaway wreaths, turn the bundt pan upside down or on its side to expose the bottom of the pan, and run the bottom of the pan under hot water for just a second or two  to loosen the ice wreaths and remove the wreaths

– quickly add the ribbon to each wreath and tie knots – place them outside in cold weather immediately by hanging them up in trees or from something else

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