An Icicle Wreath That Doubles as a Bird Feeder

An Icicle Wreath That Doubles as a Bird Feeder

If you live in a cold climate, this might be a fun way to greet party guests! String lights on your trees and hang icicle wreaths as a winter wonderland welcome! If you love watching birds, these wreaths also double as beautiful and easy bird feeders. Kids can help add the water, berries, and even hang the wreaths in trees for a fun bird watching experience! Here’s what you’ll need:

Ice Ornaments for holiday outdoor decorations! -

Make Your Own Icicle Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • Mini Cake Bundt pan
  • Fresh Cranberries and other berries for the birds
  • (Optional) sprigs of evergreen trees as a decorative touch
  • ribbon to hang the wreaths from!

Now, on to the wreaths:

  • icicle bird feeder wreath craft
  • Fill the bundt cake cavities with berries, and evergreen (don’t stress over their placement as adding water will make cranberries float to the top)
  • icicle bird feeder wreath craft
  • Fill them with water
  • Pop the cake pan into the freezer to set up
  • When frozen – place a baking sheet in the sink to catch any runaway wreaths, turn the bundt pan upside down and run the bottom of the pan under hot water just to loosen the ice wreaths and remove the wreaths

Make Icicle Wreaths & Hang Them Outside On The Night of Your Party For A Beautiful Holiday Display!

  • Add ribbon to the wreaths, and hang them outside from the tree 🙂

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com 

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