DIY Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit in Jars | Kid Friendly Things To Do

diy snowman hot cocoa kit
  This DIY Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit in Jars would make the perfect Christmas or winter gift. I could also see these as fun party gifts for kids or adults. Come on in and I’ll show you how easy is it to make this adorable snowman craft that you can enjoy all winter long… My oldest daughter was going to a homemade gift exchange party and needed something festive and easy. I found...
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Make Sugar Ornaments With the Kids for a Fun Winter or Christmas Craft

Make Sugar Ornaments With the Kids for a Fun Winter or Christmas Craft - Use cookie cutters to shape a snowflake, snowman Christmas tree and more! perfect for preschool, older kids or adults!
I love craft recipes. It’s so much fun to play in the kitchen with the kids. This craft doesn’t require any cooking, so you can make it just about anywhere. With a couple of simple ingredients, you’ve got yourself a Fun Sugar Ornament to hang on the Christmas tree or from the window sill for a Happy Winter Decoration. Come on in and I’ll show you the “how to”...
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Easy Paper Plate Snowman Craft for Kids to Make

Easy Paper Palate Snowman Craft for Kids to Make - great for preschool, and elementary kids -
This Paper Plate Snowman Craft is just what our house needs to brighten up these snowless, dreary winter days. Hopefully, we’ll get a real snow storm soon. Until then, this cutie pie is doing the trick. Come on in and I’ll share the “how to” on making this Easy Paper Plate Snowman Craft for Kids to Make:   Pretty cute, huh?! I was inspired by some cute paper plate snowmen...
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Decorating Beautiful Birdhouses With Edible Bird Seed Glue Craft

Decorating Birdhouses with kids is fun and easy to do. I have a simple DIY birdseed glue recipe to share with you. Great craft for winter, and fairy parties. Great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas!
This is a craft from way back. I’m bringing it out of the archives today with some updated pictures and more fun!  The kids were so excited to see the supplies for birdhouse decorating sitting on the counter. They bugged me every day about it, until we finally had a free day to get our crafting on.  It’s such a fun winter craft. I also think this would be a great craft for fairy...
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Over 31 Winter Themed Fun Food Ideas and Easy Winter Crafts Kids Can Make

Easy Winter themed crafts for kids to make and fun food treat ideas to brighten the house and classroom! Perfect for winter parties.
This is the weekend that all of the fun and festive holiday decorations get put away in the basement. Make that the week, because that is how long it’s going to take me. It is quite the undertaking, isn’t it?! But, wait…I’ve gone completely off track. Where was I? Oh…The house sure is going to look empty without all of the cheerful colors of the holidays. I was...
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How to Make a Snowflake Out of a Coffee Filter Craft

Great winter craft. These are easy to make with the kids! How to make a coffee filter snowflake. Fun to do on a snow day!
Today, I’d like to share a fun and simple winter craft for the kids to make. Of course, I always have just as much fun making these! Coffee Filter Snowflakes are fun and easy to do. I bet you even have the supplies on hand. They are the perfect winter craft!     They are tear resistant, so less tears from little ones, and pre-cut into circles for you ( a nice bonus!). We decorated our...
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