12 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes, Fun Foods and More

St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Fun Food and More Round Up - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
Wow! Can you believe that St. Patrick’s Day is inching up on us? Then, Easter follows right behind it. Somewhere in the middle or close by is Spring Break. How am I going to plan this month of insane fun?! I don’t know? Thank goodness some other bloggers have got you and I covered! I’m round up the most creative and easy to do St. Patrick’s Day Recipes and Fun Food this...
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Shamrock Ice Cream Sandwiches

Such a fun and cute dessert for St. Patrick's Day or Summer time fun!
These Shamrock Ice Cream Sandwiches are such a fun treat for St. Patrick’s Day. Heck, they’d be a fun summer time dessert, too! Here’s what I did to make these fun and delicious sweet snacks:    My advice on this dessert would be to make it two – three days ahead of time, and break it up into easy stages. Make the dough and cookies on the first day. One day before you...
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St. Patrick’s Day Dessert – Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats - Perfect for St. Patrick's Day
These Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats were inspired by the red, white, and blue krispies treats I’ve seen around Pinterest. I figured, if three colors in krispies treats looked cute, then six would too! I think they will be a perfect addition to St. Patrick’s Day fun foods. My five year old and I made these while the older three kids were at school. Boy, were they excited to see these...
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McDonalds Copy Cat Shamrock Shake Recipe

McDonald's Copy Cat Shamrock Shake. Done in 5 minutes. Why wait until you can go out - have one at home!
A blast from the past! Boy does this Shamrock Milkshake from McDonald’s bring back memories. I can remember pulling up, with my mom, to what now, looks like a retro McDonald’s. My friends  and I would run to the Ronald McDonald playground with Hamburglar, Grimace and the rest of the gang. We played, for what seemed like, hours. I still remember sliding into the round hamburger (like...
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Shamrock Chips From Zakka Life – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

shamrock chips. What a simple idea for St. Patrick's Day snacks!
I love these adorable Shamrock Chips! My kids love tortilla wraps baked as snacks! Check out this simple, and fun idea over at Zakka Life!      ...
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Mint & Chocolate Layered Trifle – Kid Friend Things To Do .com

Whoa! Mint Whipped Cream, Irish Cream soaked chocolate cake, Chocolate Pudding, and Andes Mints!
Oh yum! This is a combination of Irish Cream soaked chocolate cake, mint flavored whipped creme, pudding, and Andes mints! Can I get an “Amen”?! Or, at least a “Hallelujah”! Here’s the recipe: You’ll Need: 1 package of devil’s food cake mix 1 cup of refrigerated Irish Cream Coffee Flavoring 2 packages of chocolate pudding mix – 3.9 0z. 3&1/2...
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