Awesome Shark Fruit Salad for a Shark Themed Party Food Idea

Awesome Shark Fruit Salad for a Shark Themed Party Food Idea - DIY watermelon shark idea for a fun fruit salad for kids -
Back by popular demand…it’s the Shark Fruit Salad! Today, I’d love to share a fun food idea for your Ocean themed birthday, summer, shark week party or just for fun. I made this a few years back and because of repeated requests from my boys –  I made it again, yesterday. My kids LOVE this scary looking shark fruit salad, and I know your’s will too. It’s super...
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Adorable Chocolate Covered Strawberry Spring Chicks

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Spring Chicks are perfect for Easter fun foods. So adorable -
These little Chocolate Covered Strawberry Spring Chicks are perfect for the Easter table! They are so bright and cheerful. Of course, they’re yummy too! Come on in and I’ll show you how you can make these for the Easter table, or just for fun this spring or summer:   These little guys will just make you smile. Well…until you eat them! Here’s what you’ll need to make...
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White Chocolate Popcorn Bunny Munch Treat in a Waffle Cone

Adorable and Fun! Bunny Bait Munch made from Sea Salt Popcorn with Coconut, Candy and White Chocolate in a fun Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone - Seriously fun and yummy for Easter or Spring Kid Parties! -
This is such a fun treat for Easter or Spring parties with kids. It’s so simple, too! You can change the color to fit any theme. I love it! Come on in and I’ll show you how to make this yummy White Chocolate Popcorn with Coconut and Candy in a Waffle Cone:    You know I love easy and cute. They are my 2 favorite ingredients for cooking and making. These are seriously super easy to...
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Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -
So…I’m in a little bit of a pickle. What kind of pickle am I in? What happened? Really? You want me to go on? Alrighty then!  Let me explain my predicament to y’all. Zulilly, have you heard of the catalog company Zulilly? I’ve always drooled over their kid’s clothes, but I’m getting off track here. Back to my point…A couple of months ago, Zulilly reached...
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Minion Banana Pudding In A Mason Jar

BANANA! Banana Pudding in a Minion Mason Jar! What a fun idea for Minion birthday parties. The kids will love this fun Minion party food!
BANANA!!!! A Minions favorite fruit! I can imagine how crazy they would go over a dessert like Banana Pudding! That’s why I created a Minion banana pudding in a mason jar! If you want to make these fun Minion treats for your Minion Birthday Party, then come on in. I’ll show you how to make the Minions, and share my recipe for a delicious, and simple banana pudding! To make these...
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Minion Rice Krispies Treats Fun Food Idea

Minion Rice Krispies Treats Fun Food Idea - What a fun idea that all kids at the birthday party will love! The Minions even have fruit roll up pants! Fun!
Minion Love!  If you follow me, at all, you know I’ve done a few Minion inspired crafts, and foods. Minions are just the cutest little guys! Are there any girls at all? Anywho…you might be aware that there’s a Minion Movie coming out this summer. Fandango reached out to me to ask about one of my crafts, and that kind of clued me in! Sometimes it takes a brick to bonk me on the...
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