An Easy Butterfly Craft for Kids to Make Using Snack Bags

Butterfly made from snack bag and clothespin
This is such an easy Butterfly Craft to make with the kids and preschool kids. Use items from around the house to make this spring and summer craft. Love that! Come on in and I’ll show you how to make this Easy Butterfly Craft for Kids to Make Using Snack Bags… This is such a simple craft to make. I love the variety of butterflies that you can make. The top butterfly has colorful pom...
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How to Dye Easter Eggs with Cotton Fabric and Reveal a Colorful Rainbow Egg

Use food coloring to Dye Easter Eggs
I’ve been dying to share this Colorful Rainbow Egg Easter Egg Idea with you (no pun intended). Coming home on Easter Sunday from first, a conference in Austin, Texas to Spring Break in Alabama with the kids and a 17 hour drive home to boot…It just didn’t happen before Easter. I’m so bummed about that, but hoping you’ll enjoy How to Dye Easter Eggs with Cotton Fabric...
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Carrot Toss – A Fun and Easy Easter Game to Play

Set up this fun Easter Game in a matter of minutes! Great fun for family, kids, preschool or church Easter Party!
I’m squeezing in one more Easter Game to Play with the family, before the big day. This one I can almost guarantee that you have the supplies for this Easter Sunday. All you need is a basket, some carrots and some faun and willing participants to play. Come on in and I’ll show you how simple this game is to play this Easter Sunday! This is really just another twist on a bean bag toss...
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Wooden Craft Spoon Bunnies for An Easter Craft To Make

This bunny craft is an Easy Easter Craft To Make with the kids . It's perfect for Easter, spring or summer crafts! Great for preschoolers, and kids of all ages.
Hi all! I am so excited to share another Easter Craft To Make with the kids. These Wooden Craft Spoon Bunnies are down right adorable and perfect for an Easter, Spring or Summer Craft. Come on in and I’ll share the “how to” on this easy craft to make… Here’s what you’ll need for the Easter Craft To Make with the kids… (for each bunny) 2 wooden craft...
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Over 33 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids to Make

Over 33 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids to Make - These ideas are perfect for school, spring or Easter parties, preschool, Sunday School, or at home DIY crafts! Bunnies, Chicks, Eggs, and Religious.
These Easter Craft Ideas for Kids to Make are perfect for your school party, Sunday School, or just at home together time. Check out over 33 ideas from around the web! Come on in to see the adorable Easter Craft ideas for Kids… Let’s Start With Bunny Easter Craft Ideas for Kids to Make… These cute little bunny planters are found on We Know Stuff Lollipop Bunnies! found on One...
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Spaghetti Noodle Spring Bird Nest Craft for Kids To Make

Make a Birds Nest out of Spaghetti noodles. What a fun Spring craft Idea for the kids to make. Cute idea that's Easy enough for toddlers and cool enough for the big kids!
Are you looking for a new and fun Spring Craft for Kids to make? This spaghetti noodle bird nest is so much fun and simple to make. It’s even a great spring decoration for the house. Come on and I’ll share how to make this adorable bird nest… I don’t know about your kids, but when I pull out the paint, the kids get excited! They love anything that involves paint. This...
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