How to Make a Fabric Ghost {Easy Halloween Decoration} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

how to make a ghost
Easily make spooky or cute ghosts for a DIY Ghost Halloween Decoration. These Fabric Ghosts are so easy to make and will last all season long. Come on in and I’ll show you How to Make a Fabric Ghost… Decorate all month long with these friendly or spooky ghosts. This is such an easy project. The kids can easily help you make these Halloween Ghosts to decorate your house with.   Place...
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Mason Jar Halloween Scenes {An Easy Halloween Craft} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

haunted display for Halloween
Deck out the house with Halloween Scenes made inside Mason Jars. Get into the spirit of Halloween this week by creating fun haunted scenes. Come on in and I’ll show you how to make a This Easy Halloween Craft to decorate your house with or use as a Halloween Party Craft… Halloween Craft This is so much fun. With so many Halloween Miniature Displays, you can really go to town on...
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DIY Bat Craft for Halloween | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Bat Craft for Halloween
Make this easy bat craft for Halloween. In no time you’ll be decorating your yard with bats hanging from your trees. Come on in and I’ll show you how to easily make bats out of garbage bags and wire hangers… Bat Craft and Halloween Decoration…   These bats look so spooky, yet adorable hanging from the trees in our yard. We just love them. They are easy to make, too. We...
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Candy Corn Clay Pot {Fall Craft and Candy Bowl} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Candy Corn Clay Pot Craft for Fall and Halloween
Make an adorable Fall Candy Corn Bowl out of a clay pot. Easily transform a clay pot into an adorable Candy Corn Clay Pot. This Candy Corn Fall Craft is the perfect decoration for fall and Halloween. Come on in and I’ll share how you can easily make this fall craft, today… Candy Corn Clay Pot – Fall Craft… This is a really simple craft that doesn’t require too many...
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Pumpkin Bowling {Halloween Party Game} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

DIY pumpkin bowling game for kids
This DIY Pumpkin Bowling Game is so much fun for the kids. This is a great game for classroom parties.  It’s the perfect game for a Halloween Carnival Classroom Party or Fall Harvest Party…    Add this to your Classroom Party Stations. Carnival games are a fun way to keep the kids busy at game time. Let kids go from station to station with empty goody bags. After each game is over,...
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5 Rock Painting Ideas for Kids using Chalk Markers {Micky Mouse, Turtle, Ladybugs & more} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

5 rock painting ideas for kids
Make rock puzzles by piecing rocks together and creating adorable painted rocks like Micky Mouse, a Painted Turtle, a Bunny and more. This is an easy and fun summer craft for kids. Come on in and I’ll share some Rock Painting Ideas that we have had so much fun creating… Rock Painting Ideas for Kids This Mickey Mouse Rock is one of our favorites. Instead of using actual paint, we used...
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