Make A Memory Jar For New Years And Forever

Celebrate the New Year with a Memory Jar full of the last year’s fun moments. This is such a fun idea and a great tradition.

At the end of the year, it’s so hard to remember every detail of those special moments. Here is an idea to help you document all of those special moments without taking out the scrapbook material and creating a whole page! I know, I don’t have time for that, at this point in my life.  But, if I want to get out my scrapbook material later, with these reminder strips of paper, it will be easy to create scrapbooks in the future and remember all of the important details!

Or, if I never get around to scrapbooks, I can just take down a jar from my shelf with the year labeled on the front and dive into the memories! What a great way for you and your family to document ALL of the special moments! It will only take seconds of your time. And it’s a great thing to do each New Year, as you pass the memory jar around and read from it!

Don’t forget to remind grandparents, friends, and relatives, as they visit you, to write something down for the memory jar! You’ll want those memories documented, too!

Here is What You’ll Need For Your Memory Jar:

Fill a memory jar all year long and pass it around the table on New Years Eve
  • Two nice jars that you would be happy to display on a shelf.
  • Strips of beautiful paper (about an inch wide by 5 inches long)- something that matches your decor, so you want to look at it! Scrapbook paper is sturdy, and comes in all styles!
  • A Paint Pen or Gel Pen

**Optional ideas for labeling your jar – Not shown in Picture

– Chalkboard Paint to Paint a strip in the front of the jar for labeling purposes – Use chalk to label the year – OR -A Paint Pen would be a more permanent tool!
– Glass jar paint for labeling purposes – Use a paint pen to label the year


  • Label your memory jar with the year
  • Place your cut scrapbook paper strips & pen into a second jar
Fill a memory jar all year long and pass it around the table on New Years Eve
  • Have both jars in a convenient place ready for memories to be documented by all family members, at any time!

Now, gather the family around, and explain to them:
That, they can grab a strip of paper out of the paper jar, and write a fun memory down, any time they think of one. Remind them to put the month, or exact date, if they can remember it, on their memory, and sign it!
Then, they can fold their memory strip in half, and place it in the labeled memory Jar!
Next year, take out the memory jar on New Years’, and sit around reading off memories, one by one! You’ll be surprised at what you forgot.


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