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Awesome outdoor games, and fun Amazing Race Ideas for the Fourth of July or Patriotic Party!

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Alright! I have just a tad over a week to pull this Fourth of July Amazing Race together! I’m formulating a plan, and heading to the Dollar Tree, this morning! It’s on! Here are some ideas I’ve found on Pinterest for some outdoor challenging games!:

  • Awesome outdoor games, and fun Amazing Race Ideas for the Fourth of July or Patriotic Party!
  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • I like this idea! Maybe I can find an old sheet to use for this, and paint it like an American Flag! You know…in my spare time. From Family Fun
  • Find my twist on this idea to make it fit into my Patriotic theme below:

  • My annual Fourth of July Amazing Race!
  • Here’s what we did to make this work for our race!…Click Here!

  • Outdoor Game Ideas!

The Shishkaball Ball Drop from This Old House

  • I’m not so sure about this one. I would have to build multiples of this – one for each team. It looks like a lot of fun though…hmm?!
  • Here’s how this game would go. It’s a lot like Jenga, in that you don’t want to be the player that knocks everything down! Each player (when it’s their turn) would strategically pull the bamboo sticks out, one at a time, and hope and pray that the balls don’t drop! 
  • For the Amazing Race, I’m thinking each team would have to pull out 3 or 4 sticks. If they do it successfully then, they can move on. If the balls drop, then they will have to set it all up again with the sticks and balls, and start over. 
  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • Just in case I get really ambitious, I found the plans to build it! Here’s the link to the DIY! Its from This Old House!
  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • Definitely Doing This! This is from ABC Party Ideas for Girls!
  • Here’s my twist on this idea to make it fit into my patriotic theme:

  •  I used a tent to hold balloons  that were blown up and on the ground. Before blowing the balloons up, I made little slips of paper with the words – Declaration…of… and Independance. The teams had to pop the balloons by sitting on them and figure out what phrase they had to make with the words. Once they had the phrase, they could present it to the judge for the next clue. 

  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • Water Balloon Pinatas. I like this…if the weather cooperates! But, how do I turn this patriotic? Red, White, and Blue balloons? I have to think about this for a minute! This is from Milk Allergy Mom
  • My annual Fourth of July Amazing Race!
  • We ended up going with all blue balloons! This was awesome!

  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • Once teams have successfully made it through the targets a certain number of times, they will be given letters that complete the date and the numbers in Roman Numeral – July 4, 1776 (The day our country was born!).
  • They will have to put the Roman Numerals together to complete that date, and present it to the judge. Hopeful they paid close attention in math class.
  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • I’ll bring back the find the flags task. That’s a classic. This is a picture form last years race. I put flags in the hay bales, and gave teams an excerpt from “The Star Spangle Banner”. I told them to use the song as their guide…Find out what the song is referring to, and find as many of “that symbol” as they can hidden in the field. (The song refers to the American Flag). They had to report to the judge with the right number of flags.
  • *I forgot to tell teams NOT to take flags. Remember to tell them this! My nephew, Coty, took them as he counted them. CHEATING?!!! 😉 That screwed things up a little. Here’s the link!

  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • There will be some sort of craft! Last year they all had to make Uncle Sam Hats. This is an idea from U Create With Kids
  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • The Statue of Liberty will be somewhere??? They will have to memorize an excerpt from the famous saying: “Give us your poor, your tired,” etc… This picture is from All Posters

Road Blocks! 

  • Each team will be given cards that say Road Block – one for each of the other teams. If they see another team has a huge lead, they can go hand them a Road Block card, and the team will have to complete one of the tasks below:
  • Outdoor Game Ideas!
  • This image is from The Reluctant Planner! She has a cool idea for the dates on pennies! Click here to see here idea for a conversation starter.
  • Here’s how this playe into my race! I’m going to make teams find a birth date for one team member. Of course in road blocks only one member is allowed to play this challenge
  • outdoor games!
  • Last one! I have to make sure Uncle George will build this for me! I will beg if I have to 🙁
  • This is from The Happy Housewife!
  • outdoor games!
  • Trophies will still be Foil Hats, Balloon Torches, and Leis! Why try to top that honor?! Let’s see if these two can hold on to their title!

Here’s a link to last years Amazing Race! 

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out My Annual Fourth of July Amazing Race – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com 🙂 I’ll see you soon!


~ Melissa –

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  1. Hi Melissa ! My name is Ksenia , I’m from Russia . I really liked about your publication on the children’s party games. Could you tell us more about the rules for that game in the fourth photograph ( with balls and bamboo sticks ) . Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Ksenia! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit. Sure, I’d be happy to tell you how to play the Ball Drop Game. If you’ve played Jenga before, then you know that the object is to “NOT” be the person that knocks over the tower of blocks. This is a lot like that. Each player (on their turn) would strategically remove a bamboo stick and hope and pray that the balls don’t drop! That’s it! I’ll add this simple “how to” to the post. Thanks so much for the comment. 🙂

  2. I had a game this as a kid. It was called Plinko. I would love a senior community to engage in something this. Question… what is the tube made of?

  3. I had this type of game as a kid called plinko. What is the tube made of? Brings back lots of memories!

    • Hi Sue. Do you mean the game with the bamboo sticks and the balls? I think it would be so much fun in a senior community. Heck, in any community. I would have a blast playing against someone with this game! I believe the base is wooden, and the tube itself is made from fencing. Here is a link from This Old House to the full instructions on building one for yourself. I hope that helps.

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