Valentine’s Day Bowling Game Idea

Valentine’s Day Bowling Game. This is a cute idea for a fun Valentine’s Day game station at your school party. 

Olaf Bowling Valentine Game

Valentine’s Day Bowling Game Idea

I thought it would be fun to put Valentine’s Day twist on the original Olaf bowling game. This one is so cute with little conversation hearts stuck to his body. With his belly saying Tweet Me, and I Love You…You might even think twice about knocking him over! Here’s what I did to make Valentine Olaf Bowling.

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You’ll Need:

  • An 8 inch Styrofoam white ball with Large google eyes
  • about 4 inches from an orange pipe cleaner for the carrot nose
  • Brown hemp or other cordings for eyebrows and hair – I used brown paper filler this time
  •  Black felt for his mouth
  •  White foam for his tooth
  • Paper towel – about 6 rolls
  • Old fashioned clothespins without hinges (12)
  • Conversation Heart Foam Stickers – I found mine at Michaels
  • Glue gun


making Valentine's Day bowling game

  • The above picture shows brown felt for Olaf’s mouth. I ended up switching it out to the black, but you get the idea

Valentine's Day bowling idea

  • At this point, I started assembling Olaf’s head
  • I gave him giant eyes by gluing them down – they are about 2 inches in diameter
  • I used the brown paper filler for his eyebrows and glued them – I trimmed the eyebrows to fit the eyes
  • Using the brown paper filler, I used my scissors to make a little indentation into the top of Olaf’s head and add some brown paper for hair – I secured it with glue
  • I bent the orange pipe cleaner in half and just pushed it into the Styrofoam
  • I glued my piece of black felt – about 4 inches wide by 3 inches tall and shaped in a wide U –  to Olaf and added the white foam tooth
  • His decorations are done!

DIY bowling game

  • Now pick Olaf up and with his decorations on the left or right of your hand, line up your fingers as they would be in a real bowling ball
  • Use your scissors to mark the spots on your fingers
  • Again, use your scissors to boreholes deep enough for your fingers (or kid’s fingers) to go into

Now, on to the paper towel:

  • Just use your glue gun to glue the wooden clothespin to either side of the paper towel
  • Peel back the backing from your heart stickers and attach them to Olaf’s belly

~ Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do

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