Almond Joy & Mounds Bar Copy-Cat Recipe | Kid Friendly Things To Do

mounds bar recipe easy
Easy to make and so delicious. This Almond Joy and Mounds Bar Copy-Cat Recipe comes close to tasting just like the real candy bar. Perfect for a fun treat with the kids or a Valentine’s Day Treat. Come on in and I’ll share the recipe with you… Almond Joy & Mounds Bar Copy-Cat Recipe What is the difference between an Almond Joy and a Mounds Bar?  Almond Joy Bars have...
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Rice Krispies Treats Apples {A fun Back to School or Fall Treat} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Back to school treat - apple rice krispies
These Rice Krispies Treats Apples are fun and simple to make.  Make them for a fun after school treat or celebrate fall with these adorable apples that are as delicious as they are cute. Here’s what I did to make these apples: It’ll be hard to find a kid that won’t devour a rice Krispies treat with a tootsie roll at the top.  The frosting leaf will just be a bonus. They are a...
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A Cute Teacher Gift Idea

Here’s an idea I found on Pinterest originally from “Home Is Where They Love You” . I’m pretty sure it was intended for a year end gift, but I think it works mid-year, too! So, I’m passing this cute idea on to you. Fill a container with a cookie mix or baked cookies, and create a tag that says “I am one smart “COOKIE” because of you”! So...
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Caramel Apple Shaped Cookies! – A Kid Friendly Thing To Eat

Adorable caramel apple sugar cookie recipe for a kid friendly apple fun food! Great fall activity and great for parties!
Mmm…Caramel Apples! Caramel apples are a serious childhood memory for me! I still love it, when they make an appearance in the produce section of the supermarket! Here is a cute way to hand out some caramel apple look-a-likes! Make these caramel apple shaped cookies for a fun fall party, or a fun after school snack! Here’s how:   You’ll Need: Sugar Cookie Dough – if you...
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An Apple Shaped Brownie Cupcake Top For Teacher – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

These apple cupcakes would be a cute gift to give a teacher. I could also see these with green apples along with the red at a Summer party! The apples are milk chocolate brownies dipped in red chocolate with brownie stems. Yum 🙂 Here’s What You’ll Need To Make Your Own: Here’s the link to the brownie chalkboard cake topper:...
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A Brownie Chalkboard Cupcake For A Teacher Gift – A Kid Friendly Thing To Make

I can’t believe it’s already the end of another school year! All of us in the New England area don’t get out of school until mid-June, but several other states are getting out, now! I remember in Tennessee we were out by the middle of May. With that in mind, I thought I’d better throw this idea out into the world! I thought it would be fun for the end of year teacher...
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