Mounds Bar CopyCat

Mounds Bar Copy Cat that you have to try!
Oh yummy! These candies are perfect for your holiday, and taste just like a Mounds Bar! Did I mention they are one of the most simple desserts I’ve ever made? 🙂 You’ll Need: 1&3/4 cup of confectioners sugar 1&3/4 cup of sweetened coconut flakes 1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk 2 cups of chocolate *** I have used both semi-sweet, and milk chocolate  chips on these (they...
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Apple Rice Krispies Treat Fun Food

Apple Rice Krispies Treat Fun Food - These are so simple to make! Perfect for classroom fall parties, Halloween parties, back to school ideas, or teacher gift!
Here’s one from the archives with some updated pictures. These apple rice krispies are the perfect fall or back to school treat! These Apple Rice Krispies Treats are fun and simple to do! Shape your Rice Krispies treats into red balls, add a Tootsie Roll stem, and some green frosting for a leaf! There you have it! A fun fall Apple Rice Krispies treat. Here’s what I did to make these...
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A Cute Teacher Gift Idea

Here’s an idea I found on Pinterest originally from “Home Is Where They Love You” . I’m pretty sure it was intended for a year end gift, but I think it works mid-year, too! So, I’m passing this cute idea on to you. Fill a container with a cookie mix or baked cookies, and create a tag that says “I am one smart “COOKIE” because of you”! So...
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Caramel Apple Shaped Cookies! – A Kid Friendly Thing To Eat

Adorable caramel apple sugar cookie recipe for a kid friendly apple fun food! Great fall activity and great for parties!
Mmm…Caramel Apples! Caramel apples are a serious childhood memory for me! I still love it, when they make an appearance in the produce section of the supermarket! Here is a cute way to hand out some caramel apple look-a-likes! Make these caramel apple shaped cookies for a fun fall party, or a fun after school snack! Here’s how:   You’ll Need: Sugar Cookie Dough – if you...
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An Apple Shaped Brownie Cupcake Top For Teacher – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

These apple cupcakes would be a cute gift to give a teacher. I could also see these with green apples along with the red at a Summer party! The apples are milk chocolate brownies dipped in red chocolate with brownie stems. Yum 🙂 Here’s What You’ll Need To Make Your Own: Here’s the link to the brownie chalkboard cake topper:...
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A Brownie Chalkboard Cupcake For A Teacher Gift – A Kid Friendly Thing To Make

I can’t believe it’s already the end of another school year! All of us in the New England area don’t get out of school until mid-June, but several other states are getting out, now! I remember in Tennessee we were out by the middle of May. With that in mind, I thought I’d better throw this idea out into the world! I thought it would be fun for the end of year teacher...
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