A Brownie Chalkboard Cupcake For A Teacher Gift – A Kid Friendly Thing To Make

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I can’t believe it’s already the end of another school year! All of us in the New England area don’t get out of school until mid-June, but several other states are getting out, now! I remember in Tennessee we were out by the middle of May.

With that in mind, I thought I’d better throw this idea out into the world! I thought it would be fun for the end of year teacher thanks, or teacher appreciation week , to create a cupcake with a chalkboard on top. So, I made a make-shift little chalkboard out of Milk Chocolate Brownies. I covered it in chocolate, added a piece of chalk (Good & Plenty), and wrote A+ on the chalkboard. And, VOILA’ it’s a fun teacher cupcake! Here’s how to make one yourself!:


  • Milk Chocolate Brownies mix – made according to package directions – Only use parchment paper under your batter, so you can lift your chalkboard shapes easily.
  • Green chocolate melts
  • teacher cupcake
  • White chocolate melts –
  • Wax paper on a cookie sheet
  • Cupcakes with white frosting
  • Good & Plenty – White pieces for chalk
  • Small Watercolor Paint brush –¬† for painting the A+ on the chalkboard

Now, here’s what you’ll need to do: for each chalkboard topper


  • Cut a 2×3 rectangle out of the prepared¬† brownies, place it on your wax paper
  • Take a small piece of prepared brownie mixture, and roll it into a ball, then roll that into an oblong shape for the chalkboard tray. Place it on the was paper, and flatten a bit.
  • Place the brownie pieces into the freezer
  • While those are cooling, prepare your green chocolate. Melt it in a bowl, using the instructions on the bag.
  • When your chocolate is melted, pull the cooled brownie pieces out of the freezer.
  • Use a spreading knife to smooth the chocolate onto the front of your rectangle piece.

teacher cupcake

  • Add your oblong brownie piece to the bottom of the chalkboard while the chocolate is still warm.


  • Add your white piece of Good & Plenty above the brownie tray while chocolate is still warm.


  • Pop your chalkboard in the freezer to let the chocolate set.
  • Now, melt your white chocolate in a bowl.
  • Take your chalkboards out & use your paintbrush to paint an A+ on the board!


  • You can put the finished chalkboards into the freezer until you are ready to present them.
  • When you are ready, kids can place a chalkboard into the center of a white frosted cupcake. Yummy!

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