Catching Stray Egg Shells – A Cooking Tip

Catching Stray Egg Shells - A Cooking Tip
Have you ever had some of the egg shell fall into your batter? It  happens a lot when you are cooking with kids. Every single time! Luckily I have a fool proof easy, and kind of fun way to pull the egg shell out. I remember when my mom taught me this simple kitchen tip. I was blown away! How can an egg sheel attract an egg shell?! Seriously…Mind Blowing! Here’s my Catching Stray Egg...
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Substitute For Cream of Tartar – A DIY Home & Garden Tip

Emergency baking substitute for Cream of Tartar
With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter coming up soon, I thought you might be making a few or few dozen cookies. If you are anything like me, you might have the stage all set for baking and realize you are missing a very important ingredient. That’s what happened to me last Christmas when I started to make my Grandma’s Sugar Cookie recipe, and found NO CREAM OF TARTAR!  I’m...
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Choosing & Cutting an Avocado Video – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

I used to butcher my avocados! This is a really quick and informative video tutorial. Very helpful
Good morning! I was over at the Taste of Home site, checking on my assignments for this month…when I spotted this video on cutting an avocado. Honestly, I used to make cutting an avocado so difficult. When I was done with the poor thing, it wasn’t pretty. After I witnessed a friend of mine scooping the avocado out with a spoon, I was floored! I used to dread cutting these delicious...
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How To Make Fancy Stripes on Your Chocolate Candy Using a Zip-Tight Bag – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Making those beautiful chocolate stripes using a plastic baggie!
I just recently made 900 Chocolate Covered Coconut Bon-Bons with beautiful contrasting chocolate stripes. In that process, I have had a lot of practice getting to know the art of making those fancy chocolate lines on my candies! Along the way, I came up with a couple of tricks that I would love to share with you! 🙂 Use this process over any chocolate treat! You’ll Need: Chocolate Melts...
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How To Trim, and Prepare Brussels Sprouts For Roasting – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Trimming, and Preparing Brussels Sprouts For Roasting
What a beautiful side for your holiday meals! If you’ve never cooked with Brussels Sprouts, I’ll add a few pictures to walk you through cutting, and preparing  brussels sprouts! : You’ll need to handle each brussels sprout individually, but don’t be intimidated by that – it goes pretty fast First off, take a sharp knife, and trim the bottom of the sprout. Cut the...
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An Idea For Keeping The Thanksgiving Dinner On Schedule While You Mulititask – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

An Idea To Keep The Holiday Dinner On Schedule While You Multitask!
Here’s a little something I did to keep myself on schedule while I was multitasking Thanksgiving Dinner, mom stuff, guests, and all that comes along with a fun holiday dinner! I put little post-it notes on my dishes, telling the temperature, time that it should go into the oven, and for how long! This was a lot easier than referring back to my recipe book.  It really helped me keep it...
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