DIY Ice Cream Cone Holder

Have several children asked for ice cream? Here’s a little tip to hold all of those cones you are dishing out.

ice cream holder DIY
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Cardboard Box Ice Cream Cone Holder

I love shortcuts and tips like this one. They make life a little easier for all of us. Suppose you are hosting a party for several kids or have your own big brood. Here’s a little trick to help you hold your ice cream cones while you prepare them to serve the kids.

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Supplies You’ll Need

Ice cream box or other sturdy box


Sharp knife or scissors

How to Make an Ice Cream Holder from a Box

Tape up the box so it is sturdy

Cut holes into the top of the box big enough to hold 6-8 ice cream cones

Place the cones into the box

Scoop ice cream into the cones

Serve the cones from the box


If you have time, you can make the cardboard box ice cream holder fancy by wrapping it with wrapping paper

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