Using A Coffee Filter As A Spice Bag – A DIY Post

Using a coffee filter as a spice bag is a great kitchen hack if you don’t have an actual spice bag for your delicious brews. 

DIY Spice Bag! Don't have a spice bag? I bet you have a coffee filter! Good to know substitute spice bag for your next delicious drink or simmering potpourri!

Coffee Filter Spice Bag Idea

If you are looking for recipes that need spice bags, check out my Mom’s recipe for spiced wassail, or Mulled Spiced Wine

As far as I can remember my mom never used a spice bag. I grew up with spices wrapped up in coffee filters before they were set into a pot of delicious concoctions. So, when I entered the world of having my own kitchen and needed a spice bag…I naturally grabbed a coffee filter. I now know there are actual spice bags out there, but I have one hundred coffee filters ready to go, any time I need them. Need something to tie the spice bag up with and have no kitchen floss (who does?) – Use Unwaxed Dental Floss! Voila’ a rope for your food!.

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