The Easiest Doritos Taco Bake {So Good!} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

How to make a Dorito Taco Bake
This Dorito Taco Bake is layered with beans, seasoned beef, and delicious melted cheese. Load it up with your favorite Taco Toppings for an easy, flavorful and fun family meal…   Doritos Taco Bake Recipe   This Dorito Mexican Taco Casserole is an oldie but a goodie. One of my mom’s friends shared this recipe with us and it’s been a family favorite ever since. My youngest son...
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Ground Beef and Cheese Tater Tot Casserole Recipe {The Best!} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

The Best Tater Tot Casserole
I am telling you, this Tater Tot Casserole is one of the yummiest casserole recipes that I have ever tasted, in my life. It’s old fashioned casserole comfort food at it’s finest. Come on in and I’ll share what I think is the Best Tater Tot Casserole… Tater Tot Casserole… Obviously, when I get excited about food I get excited about sharing the joy. I think this would...
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Slow Cooker BBQ Ham Sandwiches | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Slow Cooker Chipped Ham Sandwiches
This Slow Cooker BBQ Ham recipe, much like Pittsburgh’s famous chipped ham BBQ sandwiches, is great for a large gathering of friends and family. Perfect for the holidays. Come on in and I’ll share the recipe with you… Slow Cooker Barbeque Ham Sandwiches (Chipped Ham Sandwiches)   I love walking into the kitchen, smelling the aroma from the crockpot and knowing that dinner is...
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Easy Pizza Casserole Recipe {A Great Make Ahead Recipe} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

how to make pizza casserole
This Pizza Casserole Recipe is great for busy nights. It’s easy to prepare and requires simple, on-hand ingredients. Casseroles are always a good dish for crowds and holiday guests. Come on in and I’ll show you how to make, in my humble opinion, the best pizza casserole… One of the great advantages to a pasta dish like this is that you can make them ahead and freeze until...
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Juicy Sage Roasted Turkey Recipe {with the best gravy!} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

roast turkey
This Roasted Turkey with sage rub is the perfect blend of crisp skin with moist and tender meat. The best part, though, is the gravy. The gravy is the ideal flavor, thickness and color to enjoy over mashed potatoes. Come on in and I’ll share the recipe for this delicious Roasted Turkey with Sage Rub… A simply a-mazing recipe for turkey and gravy. This roasted turkey was probably one...
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Pan Fried Cabbage & Noodles Recipe | Kid Friendly Thing To Do

cabbage and noodles recipe
This recipe is an oldie but a goodie. My mom’s good friend gave her this recipe over forty years ago. It’s the perfect easy, budget meal for busy nights. Come on in and I’ll share this delicious recipe for Cabbage and Noodles… Growing up in Indiana, each summer, my dad would pick fresh cabbage out of the garden for this dish. It’s still a favorite for my parents,...
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