40 of the Best Camping Recipes to Enjoy this Summer

40 of the Best Campfire Recipes for Camping and Backyard Summer Fun. From foil packet dinners to delicious S’mores burritos and everything in between, you’ll find delicious campfire recipes to get excited about.

camping recipes

Camping Recipes

Summertime in my childhood always involved camping trips and camping recipes. I was never really a fan of sleeping in a tent, but waking up to my mom cooking over the camping stove was the best. We’d go fishing and come back to a more delicious camping lunch over the camp stove, complete with campfire baked beans, finally ending the night around the campfire with some delicious campfire dessert like grilled peaches.

There is nothing like sitting around a campfire with a plate full of yummy foil-filled packets. In fact, I might have to pack the family up for a camping weekend to relive the delicious food we used to have.

There is no doubt that great memories surrounding a camping trip also include great camping food.

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What are some easy camping foods to take for cooking over a campfire?

  • S’mores banana boats – using campfire coals
  • Hot Dogs
  • Bacon on a stick
  • Grilled Cheese – you can take a cast-iron grilled cheese-maker
  • S’mores
  • Marshmallows
  • Corn on the cob – using campfire coals
  • Pie – using a cast iron pie maker
  • Burritos – using coals
  • Popcorn

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Let’s Start with Breakfast!

1. Omelet in a Bag

Omelet In a Bag

Make up individual omelets for everyone before your camping trip so breakfast is a breeze. When camping, pour the contents onto a frying pan and make a delicious campfire omelet.

2. Make Ahead Pancake Mix

Make Ahead Camping Pancakes

Before your camping trip, mix up a batch of Make Ahead Pancake Mix for Camping  for a delicious hot breakfast around the fire.

3. Campfire Breakfast Hash

Campfire Breakfast Hash Recipe

Pack this western campfire hash in a cooler and cook it over the grill. You will love this Easy Make Ahead Western Campfire Hash Recipe.

4. Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos

make-ahead breakfast burritos

Take along some foil-wrapped breakfast burritos for an easy breakfast everyone will enjoy.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos – from Taste and Tell

5. Campfire Doughnuts

campfire doughnuts

A crowd pleaser. Make doughnuts over the campfire for a fun campfire breakfast.

Campfire Doughnuts by Must Have Mom

6. Campfire Breakfast Scramble

campfire breakfast hash

A delicious breakfast scramble that tastes like a skillet breakfast.

Breakfast Scramble by My Organized Chaos

7. Egg Bake Foil Packet

egg bake foil packet

This campfire foil breakfast looks amazing. Hashbrows mixed with eggs and delicious spices for an amazing campfire breakfast.

Egg Bake Foil Packet by Julie’s Eats and Treats

8. Campfire Bacon

campfire bacon

Everything tastes better over a campfire, including bacon. Next time you go camping try making bacon over for the fire for a real treat.

Campfire Bacon by Zestuous

Campfire Dips and Camping Side Recipes

9. Grilled Nachos

grilled nachos

These grilled nachos could also double as a main meal. What a fun way to enjoy a delicious side or camping meal. Grilled Nachos by Simply Recipes

10. Grilled Blooming Onion

grilled blooming onion

Wow! This blooming onion would be a delicious campfire side to any grilled meat recipe.

Grilled Blooming Onion by Diethood 

11. Campfire Macaroni and Cheese

campfire macaroni and cheese

Oh wow! To have mac and cheese on a camping trip would be amazing.

Camping Mac & Cheese by Lauren’s Latest

12. Foil Packet Grilled Corn on the Cob

foil packet grilled corn

Corn on the cob is a summer favorite, and this grilled corn on the cob will be a big hit at any camping trip.

Grilled Corn on the Cob by Eating on a Dime

13. Cheesy Grilled Tomatoes

grilled tomatoes recipe

The perfect summer side for any camping trip. Grilled tomatoes are a compliment to any grilled meat.

Recipe for Grilled Cheesy Tomatoes

14. 3-Ingredient Chili Cheese Dip

easy campfire dip

Easy to make and perfect for an afternoon snack at the campsite.

Grilled Bean and Cheese Dip from Kid Friendly Things To Do

Campfire Potatoes

Potatoes are technically a side, but I think they are worthy of they are worthy of their own section

15. Cheesy Grilled Potatoes in a Foil Packet

grilled potatoes

16. Campfire Loaded Potato Bundles

Loaded Potato Bundles from Let’s Lasso the Moon

campfire potatoes

Savory Campfire Potatoes mixed with cheese, onions, garlic, and spices

Find the recipe for cheesy potatoes in a foil packet on Kid Friendly Things To Do

17. Cheesy Garlic Fries in a Foil Packet

cheesy fries in a foil packet

These cheesy garlic fries look amazing and would be an amazing potato side to take camping.

Cheesy Garlic Fries by Damn Delicious

18. Foil Packet Chili Cheese Fries

foil packet chili cheese fries

This looks like a camping side or a fun meal for camping. Fries in a foil packet with delicious chili and cheese on top.

Chili Cheese Fries by The Kitchen Magpie

19. Campfire Potatoes

campfire potatoes

Buttery potatoes with onions and seasonings, these campfire potatoes look amazing.

Campfire Potatoes by Sweet and Simple Living 

20. Ranch Grilled Potatoes

ranch grilled potatoes

Wow. I can’t wait to try these savory potatoes drizzled with ranch and sprinkled with cheese in a foil packet.

Ranch Grilled Potatoes by Gather for Bread

Main Dishes

21. Brats in a Foil Packet

Brat and Sauerkraut Foil packet

Brats in a foil packet with saur kraut and green pepper. A delicious campfire meal.

Find the recipe for Brats in a Foil Packet

22. Grilled Naan Pizza with Salami and Zucchini

pesto naan pizza

Grilled Pizza. Take the ingredients to make pizza on your next camping trip. Made with Naan bread, there is no need to worry about pizza dough. Just add all of the toppings and grill.

Find the recipe for Grilled Pizza with pesto and salami

23. Ham and Cheese Sliders

ham and cheese sliders

Make campfire ham and cheese sliders in a foil packet for an easy make-ahead campfire meal.

Ham and Cheese Sliders by Dessert Now Dinner Later

24. Southwest Chicken Foil Packets

southwest chicken foil packets

Prep these packets at home and grill them at the campsite. Everyone will enjoy this delicious camping dinner.

 Southwest Chicken Packets by Dessert No Dinner Later

25. Ham and Cheese Sandwiches in a Foil Packet

ham and cheese foil packet sandwiches

Buttery and garlic topped ham and cheese sandwiches in a foil packet.

Another version of Hot Ham and Cheese by Tase and Tell

26. Sausage Dinner in a Foil Packet

sausage dinner in a foil packet

Delicious sausage, asparagus, and onion with seasonings in a foil packet.

Sausage and Asparagus by Kleinworth & Co.

27. Barbecue Chicken Dinner in a Foil Packet

bbq chicken dinner in a foil packet

Make these chicken in a foil packet ahead in your kitchen and then grill them at the campsite.

BBQ Chicken in a foil packet by Life in the Lofthouse

28. Coconut Lime in a Foil Packet

coconut lime chicken

Make these shrimp foil packets, transport them in a chilled cooler, and cook them at the campsite.

Coconut Lime Shrimp by The Baking Fairy

29. Cajun Shrimp Foil Packet

cajun shrimp foil packet

An amazing camping recipe to make on the campsite grill. Gather up this make-ahead foil packet and take them in a cooler to the campsite to enjoy them for dinner.

Cajun Style Camp Packet by Favorite Family Recipes

30. Quesadillas in a Foil Packet

quesadillas in a foil packet

Campfire quesadillas would be the perfect meal to make the kids on a camping trip.

Camping Quesadillas by Cupcake Diaries

31. Stuffed Pepper in a Foil Packet

stuffed pepper in a foil packet

These make-ahead stuffed peppers would be a welcome dinner and fun to eat around a campfire.

Beef Stuffed Pepper Boats by Peg’s Home Cooking

32. Hot Dog Foil Packets

hot dog in a foil packet

Hot Dog Packets by Growing Up Gabel

Finally, Desserts

33. S’mores in a Bag

smores in a bag

A fun dessert and snack at the end of the day. These walking S’mores will be the hit of the campfire.

Walking S’mores by Thirty Handmade Days

34. Upside Down Cake in a Foil Packet

Pineapple Cake in a foil packet

This upside-down pineapple upside down cake is perfect over the campfire.

Get the recipe for Pineapple Upside Down Cake in a Foil Packet

35. S’more Burritos

S'mores on the grill

S’mores ingredients a burrito wrap and wrapped in foil. A delicious camping dessert recipe.

Get the recipe for Grilled S’mores Burritos

36. Grilled Pie

grilled pie

This berry pie is baked on the grill. Eating homemade pie is a great way to spend the evening around the campfire.

Grilled Pie by Crazy for Crust

37. S’mores Nachos

smores nachos

Load a foil pie pan with S’mores ingredients and pop it on the grill for this delicious camping dessert.

S’mores Nachos by Delightful E Made

38. Poundcake Campfire Dessert

pound cake campfire dessert

Throw some pound cake and yummy treats into a cast iron skillet and grill it for a delicious campfire poundcake dessert.

Pound Cake Campfire Dessert by Taste and Tell

39. Banana Boat S’mores in a Foil Packet

banana smores

Split a banana open and stuff it with S’mores ingredients for this fun camping dessert the kids will love!

Banana Boat S’mores by Crafty Recipes

40. Campfire Apple Crisp Dessert

campfire apple crisp

It’s easy to make this apple crisp at the campsite and enjoy a delicious campfire dessert.

Find the recipe for Campfire Apple Crisp

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