Easy Shrimp Po’ Boy with Cajun Sauce {So Good!} | Kid Friendly things To Do

Easy Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich
This Shrimp Po Boy is so easy to make.  The ultimate classic seafood sandwich. With a delicious Cajun Sauce that’s dripping with deliciousness, this sandwich won’t last long on anyone’s plate. Come on in and I’ll share my recipe for this Amazing Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich… Shrimp is a favorite in our house. I’m always on the lookout for shrimp recipes. This recipe...
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{Old fashioned} Banana Nut Bread Recipe | Kid Friendly Things To Do

This is a recipe from an aunt of mine. It dates back, at least fifty years. To me, some of the best recipes are the old fashioned, tried and true recipes that are passed down from family members. Come on in and I’ll share my Aunt Nadine’s recipe for delicious, Old Fashioned Banana Nut Bread… Banana Nut Bread I always love how banana bread has that beautiful crack down the...
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Mom’s Apple Slab Pie Recipe {The very best!} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

apple slab pie recipe
If you have apples, you’ll most likely have all of the ingredients to make this simple dessert. Picture a mouth-watering apple pie, then add drizzled glaze over the pie = Heaven! Try this Apple Slab Pie Recipe for dinner, tonight… This Apple Slab Pie is a dessert I remember from my childhood. This apple dessert made an appearance at almost every summer picnic. It’s a great...
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The Best Sloppy Joe Recipe Ever {An Easy Slow Cooker Recipe} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

sloppy joe recipe
Finally, a Sloppy Joe Recipe that I can honestly say is the best I’ve ever tasted. It is the perfect balance of a sweet, savory, and zesty Sloppy Joe. Forget about the sauce in a can. Try this easy recipe in your slow cooker for a homecooked Sloppy Joe dinner. Come on in and I’ll share this recipe with you...   Sloppy Joe Recipe This is so good. I went back for seconds and...
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Coconut Lemon Bars {So Easy and So Good} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

how to make lemon bars
Oh boy! These lemon bars are addictive. If I were you, I would wait until you are going to a social function to make these. You’ll get lots of compliments, and spare yourself the guilt of eating the whole batch. Here’s the recipe for the most delicious Lemon Bars… If your kids like lemonade, they should really like these lemon bars.  They have the perfect balance of sweet and...
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Classic Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe {Easy and Delicious} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe
Who else grew up with a Ramen Noodle and Cabbage Salad Recipe? This is a salad that I have pigged out on time and time again. It’s a classic and to me, the old classic potluck recipes are still king. Recipes passed around at potlucks are the tried and true…the best! Come on in and I’ll share my family’s recipe for Ramen Noodle Salad…   Ramen Noodle Salad...
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