Firecracker Jello Dessert Snack Recipe for a Fun Patriotic Treat

Firecracker Jello Snack dessert. Easy and patriotic fun food treats! Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July
I love getting creative with jello! It’s so much fun and it’s always a big hit. My kids just love it. This Jello Creation is perfect for summer treats, and Patriotic Parties. Come to think of it, it’s a good one for Captain America birthday parties, too. As always, I kept it super simple. Come on in and I’ll share the “how to” on this Firecracker Jello Dessert...
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An Oreo + S’more = A S’mOreo!

S'moreos - When a Campfire Meets a Cookie! - A twist on the traditional S'more that is so fun and delicious! Great Kid Summer Fun!
Here’s an updated version of a post I made years ago! I wanted to bring it out of the archives, because summer is not over, yet! Here goes: Why should graham crackers get all of the fun?! That’s what I say! Stuff a marshmallow and chocolate in between an Oreo Cookie, and you’ve got yourself a new kind of party! It’s the Oreo S’more! or S’moreo. Between the...
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S’more Marshmallow Pops Fun Food Idea for Kids

Make S'mores Marshmallow Pops. They are a lot less expensive than S'mores, and a very fun substitute!
Summertime in our family = Backyard campfires and S’mores. The kids can’t wait to make them and we can’t wait to eat them. Over the years, S’mores has had many twists and turns. We’ve substituted Mounds Bars, Rolos, and Peanut Butter Cups for the traditional chocolate candy bar. I’ve even made a Strawberry Shortcake S’more that seriously…you have...
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A Patriotic Fruit Tray With Whipped Cream Star

This patriotic fruit tray looks a lot like Captain America's Shield! Whipped Cream Star in the center! Angel Food cake, and fruit! Perfect food idea for Patriotic parties, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or an Avenger Party!
This red, white, and blue patriotic fruit tray was so simple to make, and was gobbled down in a matter of minutes! I used a cookie cutter to make the whipped cream star center, and angel food cake for another white band! With this fruit idea resembling Captain America’s shield, it’s also perfect for an Avengers Birthday Party! Here’s the how to:   You’ll Need: A large...
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Summertime Jello Poke Butter Loaf Cake – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

This was one of those…”Oh no, I said I would bring the dessert to the picnic!” kind of recipes! I had very little in my kitchen on Memorial Day, and really had to tap into my creative side with this one! With no whipped cream, I tried to make my own. I failed miserably! That’s when I saw the tapioca! Thank God for the little Minute box of tapioca pudding staring right at...
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A Jello American Flag Dessert for a Fun Patriotic Treat

A Jello American Flag Dessert for a Fun Patriotic Treat - Simple to make and so much fun! Perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and your summer picnics with family.
Yesterday, I had some fun with  jello. It’s such a versatile and yummy dessert. I’ve had this idea for a couple of weeks, now, and finally tackled the American Flag made out of jello. Wouldn’t this be awesome at a Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day picnic? Here’s what I did to make this fun Jello Dessert: You’ll Need: *Because the Jello needs to set up...
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