Mini Monkey Bread Decorated With Powdered Sugar – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Mini Monkey Bread With Powdered Sugar
Ooooh…Yumm…Umm…..Mmm….The sounds you’ll make when eating these babies fresh out of the oven! Hence the name,” Monkey Bread”. Darn these irresistible little pieces of deliciousness! I seriously had to walk away from the warm, delicious morsels. There is just something about fresh, warm bread. Add a little cinnamon sugar, and a caramel topping…Will...
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Patriotic Fruit Kabobs – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Patriotic Fruit Kabobs
Why cut stars out of watermelon when nature has provided a star fruit? With or without the blue dye, these fruit kabobs look patriotic with blueberries, star fruit, and strawberries! Add a little white chocolate to some of the fruit and sprinkle some patriotic colors on top to add to the fun! Here’s what I did to make these fruit kabobs!: You’ll Need: Star fruit – Get the ones...
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A Hot Air Balloon Cupcake – A Kid Friendly Thing To Eat

What is it about hot air balloons that is so magical?  When we’re lucky enough to spot one flying through the air, I get just as excited as the kids! I knew I had to do something with a hot air balloon. This is my first attempt, but more to come! I think these would be so cool all lined up at a birthday party! Or, as this one is red, white and blue, they could stand as an American Symbol...
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A Slushy Milk Shake

This is what you get when you mix TWO FUN DRINKS TOGETHER! A SLUSHY-MILK-SHAKE! Yum! With so many colors available in the Jell-O department, you could make these any color you want. Since, fourth of July is just around the corner, I made these fun drinks red and blue. But, it would be fun to have one of every color at a kid’s birthday party! Here’s What You’ll Need To Make Your...
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A Cherry Vanilla Milkshake – A Kid Friendly Thing To Drink

My kids are maraschino cherry addicts, just like I used to. I remember eating whole jars at my grandma’s house. So, here is a drink in tribute to the maraschino cherry! I mixed in some marshmallow, vanilla ice-cream, and of course cherries. Add a blue wafer straw, or blue straw to make this into a PATRIOTIC shake for the holiday cook-outs! This is how you can make one of your own! Enjoy!...
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Easy Snake Fruit Kabob – A Kid Friendly Thing To Eat

These guys are the only snakes, I consider cute! & They are so easy to make. Plus with their red, white and blue colors, they would be great for a Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day picnic! Here’s What You’ll Need:5 strawberries for each kabob 1 mini marshmallow for each kabob Blue frosting Skewers Now, Here’s What You’ll Need To Do: Place the washed...
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