Easy Football Pudding Cup Fun Food Craft

Football Pudding Snacks for a fun Game Day food - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
This is normally the day that I would post a craft. I try to make a pattern with my posts of family recipe, fun food idea, craft, so there is a little bit for everyone on the page. This Football Pudding Cup idea kind of fits under the craft category and kind of fits under fun food. Normally, I would probably side more with fun food on this one, but with the Super Bowl coming up in just 2 days...
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A Chocolate Football Appetizer For Dessert – A Fun Food!

Chocolate Football Appetizerf For Dessert
How cool would it be, at your football party, to have a platter full of little chocolate covered cookie footballs on toothpicks? So cool! These are lots of fun, and delicious too! They are Oreo Cookies shaped into footballs, and dipped in chocolate! Want to make some for your party? Here’s the how to: You’ll Need: Wilton chocolate melts – Milk Chocolate Color – melted...
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A Football Cupcake Idea

A Fun Football Cupcake Idea
This one goes out to the football fans out there! Lately, I’ve seen football comments all over facebook. It’s funny…From, relatively calm sweet ladies, football season seems to fire them up, and bring out the animal in them! I remember listening to my mom, a loyal Chicago Bears fan, watching a game and yelling “Go, Go, Go!, and other choice words” into the...
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Melting Snowman Whipped Cream Topping For Hot Cocoa – A Fun Food Idea

Make A Melting Snowman For Hot Cocoa! This is so much fun
These little guys are so darn cute! They’re also fun and easy to make! Now, that winter is here, it’s time for some hot cocoa fun! What’s better than a warm cup of delicious hot cocoa? A warm cup of delicious hot cocoa with an adorable melting snowman on top! Here’s the how to: You’ll Need: Cool Whip – or whipped cream similar to Cool Whip Wax Paper on a...
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