A Football Cupcake Idea

A Football Cupcake Idea

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This one goes out to the football fans out there! Lately, I’ve seen football comments all over facebook. It’s funny…From, relatively calm sweet ladies, football season seems to fire them up, and bring out the animal in them! I remember listening to my mom, a loyal Chicago Bears fan, watching a game and yelling “Go, Go, Go!, and other choice words” into the television. Now, my husband, A New York Giants fan, is the one I hear yelling at the TV! And, I know if you’re passionate about your team, you’re doing the same thing to your television, at home! So, for you passionate football watching party goers, whom we love; I have the cupcake for your football parties! Enjoy…just don’t yell at me if the football doesn’t make the field goal!

Here’s the step by step:

You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 box of Oreo Cookies
  • 3 oz. of cream cheese
  • Brown chocolate melts – Wilton is my preferred
  • White Chocolate melts – again – Wilton
  • A chocolate squeeze bottle
  • Green Frosting
  • Pastry bag filled with green frosting with a small opening star tip  – I used a #16
  • Cupcakes
  • Yellow bendies/chenille strips/pipe cleaners…so many names!

Now, On to the cupcake:

  • Decorate the cupcake using your star tip and green frosting. Go all the way around the outer circumference holding your pastry bag down, pushing a little frosting and pulling the tip up and away from the frosting you pushed out to give the little points. Fill in the rest of the cupcake the same way.
  • A Fun Football Cupcake Idea
  • Using a heavy duty mixer, mix the Oreo cookies and cream cheese until a thick paste is formed that looks like the above picture
  • A Fun Football Cupcake Idea
  • Mold that Oreo paste into little football shapes and place them on waxed paper that is resting on a plate or cookie sheet – my footballs are about 1&1/2 inches
  • Pop those in the freezer
  • A Fun Football Cupcake Idea
  • Meanwhile, melt your brown chocolate into a bowl using the instruction on the bag
  • Roll the frozen Oreo Footballs into the brown melted chocolate, place back on the wax paper
  • Pop back into the freezer
  • A Fun Football Cupcake Idea    A Fun Football Cupcake Idea
  • Meanwhile, Melt the white chocolate melts, and poor the white chocolate into your squeeze bottle
  • Grab your footballs out of the freezer, and using your white chocolate, draw the stitches and the two little curved lines onto the footballs
  • A Fun Football Cupcake Idea
  • Make goal posts using your yellow pipe cleaners
  • A Fun Football Cupcake Idea
  • Place a goal post in every cupcake
  • Place a football on the opposite side of the goal post, ready to be kicked in!

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