Simple Spring Flowers Rice Krispies Treats Snack

Easy and adorable Flower Rice Krispies treats for spring, Mother's Day, summer, fairy garden parties or tea parties with kids!
These Rice Krispies Treats are just in time for Mother’s Day, but they are also perfect for a spring or summer treat. Not to mention fairy garden parties and fun tea time treats. Who knew flowers could be so versatile? This might just be one of the easiest treats you’ll find on this blog, too! Come on in and I’ll share the “how to” with you. These are so simple,...
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Garden and Tea Party Fun Food Ideas Round Up

Garden and Tea party fun food ideas -
I love to see the buds on the trees and flowers trying to bloom in the yard. I can’t wait to start digging holes and trying out some new plants in the yard to make it cozy and fun for the family to hang out.  I’m also excited to garden with the kids and see what we can grow in our tiny little garden space. We used to have garden tea parties all of the time. We’d...
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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sunflower Recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sunflower - This edible flower is perfect for Mother's Day
Good morning. It’s supposed to be spring, but I woke up to snow on the ground. Of course that is just a typical spring in these parts. Thank goodness the soccer games were cancelled, today. Brrr. I was thinking that, today, I would bring an old post out of the archives. I made this last spring, but I think  that it would be such a fun treat for mom on Mother’s Day...
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Flower Fun Food Ideas For Kids on Mother’s Day Round Up

When holidays end and a new event begins, I always have a hard time adjusting my thought process. Right now, my brain is still on bunnies and all things Easter. It’s always helpful to do a round up from other talented bloggers out there. This time I concentrated on flowers. These would make really cute edible gifts for mom on Mother’s Day! Ler’s get to it!  From Mom...
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A Collection of Springtime Fun Foods For Kids

A collection of fun spring and summer foods for kids -
Yay! Spring is almost here. It’s time to celebrate and bring on the springtime some fun spring food ideas. Here’s a collection from other bloggers that will just make you smile! Come on in and check them out: Butterflies: From Candi Quick From Kix Cereal From Menu Musings Bugs: Cute ladybugs from Soccer Mom Blog From The Keeper of Cheerios From the Crafting Chicks Birds and...
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A Flower In A Pot Of Chocolate!

Great Mother's Day Idea! A flower lollipop in a pot of chocolate! Mom can use the lollipop to stir her coffee!
This flower in a pot of chocolate would be a great Mother’s Day gift! Mom can lift the chocolate out of the pot, and use the lollipop with chocolate as the base to stir her coffee, or just enjoy a chocolate treat! Kids can leave it in a Dixie Cup or present it in a real Terra-Cotta pot for a fun display! Here’s the tutorial: You’ll Need: A Dixie Cup Wilton Chocolate Melts...
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