You are currently viewing Over 15 Fairy Garden Party {Snack Ideas!}

Over 15 Fairy Garden Party {Snack Ideas!}

Magical Fairy Parties are so much fun for the kids. These enchanted Fairy Garden Party Snack Ideas are perfect for your magical whimsical party.

Fairy Garden Party Snack Ideas

Fairy Garden Party Snack Ideas – Fairy Food Ideas

One of my favorite pastimes as a mom of four was to explore fairy gardens with my kids. One day we were on a nature hike and happened upon several fairy houses that were left from a fairy house exhibit. This fun nature hike quickly turned into a magical time for our family, skipping from one fairy house to another and spying on what the fairies were eating and the activities going on in their yards. Ever since then, I’ve tried to add some sort of fairy whimsical to our little vegetable or flower gardens. Sometimes we leave out fairy food and we are rewarded with a dusting of fairy dust the very next morning.

If you love the magical world of fairies, so much that you are planning a party or fun day around it, then you’ll want to include some fairy crafts 

You have to check out these fairy crafts as an activity for your fairy party or for your fairy garden 

What is a Fairy Party? 

A fairy party is a popular birthday or summer party dedicated to the theme of fairies of all kinds – including nymphs (or garden fairies), orchard fairies, and other kinds of fairies.

A feast of whimsical food that might attract or remind one of a fairy is laid out – foods might resemble wands, mushrooms, flowers, stars, butterflies, ladybugs, cookies, pastry or cake topped with colorful sprinkles or berries, and other whimsical recipes and dessert

fairy guests usually dress up in fairy-themed party clothes to resemble a fairy with butterfly wings and carry magical wands

What is Fairies’ Favorite Food?

In the older days, the people of Ireland would set out milk and churned butter for fairies. Lately, though the food has progressed to tiny cookies or sweet cakes

Now – Let’s get onto showing you some Fairy Foods for a Magical Banquet and your Fairy Party

fruit fairy wands

Fairy Wands from Tastes Better from Scratch

snail shaped rolls

Snail rolls – found on Easts Amazing

frog shaped fruit salad

Frog Shaped Fruit Salad by Cook Pad 

ladybug shaped strawberries

Ladybug shaped Strawberries 

caterpillar sticks - for a garden party

Caterpillar Sticks from 

butterfly snack bag idea

Snack Bag Butterflies from Menu Musings

Garden and Tea party fun food ideas -

Butterfly sandwiches – Great for fairy-themed lunches by

Garden and Tea party fun food ideas -

Then, there are the pretty flowers. How cute are these? From This Silly Girls Life

Garden and Tea party fun food ideas -

Cheese tulips. How cute and yummy! From Cute foods for kids

Garden and Tea party fun food ideas -

Flower fruit cups from One Crafty Thing

flower shaped chocolate covered pretzels

Flower-shaped chocolate covered pretzels 

Garden and Tea party fun food ideas -

Oh my goodness… magic mushroom Caprese salad! from Cup of Sugar Pinch of Salt

toadstool marshmallows

Toadstool Marshmallows from Your Bella Festa

Garden and Tea party fun food ideas -

Teacup treats holders for your fairy teatime. This is so cute. Found on Disney

Garden and Tea party fun food ideas -

Here’s a recipe for honey and lemon spoons for your tea. Of course, you’ll have tea! – From Just A Pinch

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