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Over 15 DIY Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids | Kid Friendly Things To Do

 Making Fairy Gardens with the kids is fun and so easy to do. Take advantage of the warmer weather by creating fun spaces for fairies to visit and memories with the kids. These Fairy Garden Ideas are ready to inspire you and your kids to get outside and get creative. 

Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas

Over 15 Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas:

“Enjoy it! It goes by so fast!” You hear it all the time. Unfortunately, it’s so true. 🙁 Well, if my kids are going to insist on growing up, I’m going to make the most of the little years by adding as much magic and memories as possible. Fairy Gardens are a great way to make magical memories together.

Have you ever wondered...How to build a fairy garden? Well, all you need is a little imagination, plants, and some inspirational ideas to get you started.

What Exactly is a Fairy Garden?

  • A fairy garden is a tiny space devoted to plants and fairy structures in the hopes of luring fairies. Fairies are good luck to have around your home.

How do you know that Fairies have visited your garden?

Here’s how we know the fairies have paid a visit to our Miniature Fairy Garden…

  • Each morning we find a little pixie dust glitter sprinkled around the fairy garden creations. That’s how we know the fairies have been there.

What do Fairies Like? Should you leave something for the fairies?

  • Fairies love gifts. You can leave them pressed flowers, nuts, a new decoration, shiny gems, and stones, or a new structure built for their pleasure and enjoyment

Finally, here are some simple and creative fairy garden ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Fairy bench by Meatloaf and Melodrama

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

A Fairy Swing by Beneath the Ferns

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Toadstools by SCRAP

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Painted Pot Fairy House – by Pat Cans

Fairy House Planter to Make with Kids

Fairy House Planter to Make with Kids 

Here’s a quick Video Tutorial for this fun Fairy House craft…



Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Fairy door by Home Talk

fairy garden outdoor movie theater

Make a Drive-In Theater for your fairies

In summer, we love going to the drive-in movie theater. We decided the fairies should have one, too! Here’s our “Fly-In Theater” for the fairies.

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

  • You’ll need to find a movie scene from a magazine or a printout
  • Use Modge-Podge to seal the movie scene to a flat rock or prop it against a rock
  • You’ll need to find something for the fairies to sit in – we used seashells that we had from previous beach vacations
  • *Use water-resistant Modge-Podge to seal the movie photo


Outdoor Lighthouse for a Miniature Fairy Garden

Build a Lighthouse for the fairies – instructions found on Empress of Dirt


fairy garden ideas

Make a Fairy Tire Swing for your fairies

  • If you have toy cars that you aren’t using, pop one of the tires off to make a tree swing
  • Or, find a rubber tire like this dog squeaky. We found ours at a tractor supply store

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Fairy Lights by DIY Joy 

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Ladybugs by Crafts by Amanda

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Fairy Direction Signs

  • Just write directions on clothespins and attach them to a sturdy stick
  • The door is made from a little bit of craft glass and placed at the bottom of the stick

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

  • This year, we added a pop of color to our fairy sign. I bought medium-sized colored clothespins (at Michael’s Craft Store), and I wrote directions with a fine tip white paint pen
  • I also found a 4 pack of pixie dust bottles in the fairy house section of Michael’s

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Pixie Stones in a seashell are a nice little addition

by Pixies and Pirates

Outdoor Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas

If you don’t have garden space, How about a Fairy Garden in a Wash Tub – This idea is found on A Cuppa Tea With Me


Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

Fairy Milk Jug Houses by Protracted Garden

Over 15 Fairy Garden Ideas for kids DIY -

A Popsicle Stick Fairy Picnic Table by Simple Practical Beautiful


Over 15 Fairy House Garden ideas for kids in the garden! DIY -

Make a Fairy Farm: Click here to hop over to the Fairy Farm Post

Over 15 Fairy House Garden ideas for kids in the garden! DIY -

Here’s a fun craft for a fairy garden party. Pipe Cleaner Fairies

Fairy Garden Ideas for kids -

I snapped some pictures of more fairy garden ideas on a garden walk. I love the see-saw.


Do you love gardening and crafting with kids?

Try making Chalk Paint Stone Markers or Paint Stick Garden Markers with the kids. If you are looking for other ways to decorate your garden, try painting rocks. Here are somefun ideas for rock decorations.

Enjoy your time in the garden this summer.

Of course, supplies help. Here are my top Amazon picks that you might need or even want for your Miniature Fairy gardens…


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fairy garden ideas

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