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Make rock puzzles by piecing rocks together and creating adorable painted rocks like Micky Mouse, a Painted Turtle, a Bunny and more. This is an easy and fun summer craft for kids. Come on in and I’ll share some Rock Painting Ideas that we have had so much fun creating…

rock painting ideas for kids - mickey mouse

Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

This Mickey Mouse Rock is one of our favorites. Instead of using actual paint, we used chalk markers. It’s really more like rock coloring and so much fun with literally no mess to worry about from paint. 

Here’s what you’ll need to make these fun painted rocks for kids…

  • Chalk Markers
  • Rocks – I bought a bag of river stones from our local Home Depot
  • Satin Finish Sealer for crafts

rock painting ideas for kids - ladybugs


  • Make creations by piecing rocks together of your own imagination or use the ideas that we’ve come up with
  • Color them with chalk markers 
  • If you need to layer the colors, then let the first dry completely and don’t press down too hard or the first layer will smudge your second color
  • Spray your creations with craft sealant and enjoy
  • *The darker colors may eventually fade in the sun

Looking for more chalk fun with the kids? 

Try making sidewalk chalk paint , garden stone markers with chalk paint or chalk Paint Stick Markers


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To inspire you – here are the 5 fun rock painting ideas that we came up with out of our river rocks…

rock painting ideas for kids

  • My teenage daughter came up with this idea and I love it! 
  • Find an oblong round rock and two small circle rocks to piece Mickey Mouse together
  • Use the image above as a guide on coloring it

rock painting ideas for kids - turtle

  • The turtle was put together with 1 large round stone for the body, 4 small oval stones for the legs, 1 larger one for the head and finally a more slender oval rock for the tail
  • Have fun with the designs on your turtle rock. You can use the image as your guide

5 rock painting ideas for kids


rock painting ideas for kids - ladybugs

Ladybug Painted Rocks…

  • We used flat oval rocks for the ladybugs
  • They require some layering on the back end with the spots and the eyes – remember to let the first color dry completely before layering
  • Use the images as your guide on how to paint the ladybugs

rock painting ideas for kids - bunny

Bunny Painted Rock…

  • This was put together by my younger daughter who has an obsession with bunnies! 
  • As you can see, you’ll need 2 round rocks for the body and head, long slender ovals for the ears and 4 smaller ovals for the arms and legs
  • Use the image to help you create your bunny 

rock painting ideas for kids - bear

Bear Painted Rock…

  • This one is sort of similar to Micky Mouse, but it is the easiest to make of all the rocks as there is very little to color
  • The rocks are left to their original colors with some details for the eyes, mouth and ears
  • You’ll need 1 oval rock for the head and 2 round rocks for the ears





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