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Make some summer memories with a kid-friendly garden. These easy to make garden markers are the perfect way to label the plants that you and the kids have planted in your garden. Come on in and I’ll share how to make these Easy DIY Paint Stick Garden Markers with the kids…

DIY Garden Markers for kids

I love walking over to the garden and seeing the kids handwriting on our Garden Markers. They are so sweet. 

Paint Stick Garden Markers for kids

With all of my past painting projects, I’ve accumulated a few paint mixing sticks. If you don’t have them hanging around, you can also purchase them. I know that Home Depot and sells them for less than $1.00 and Amazon sells them in bulk, as well. 

Gardening with kids - paint stick markers

When you are buying your chalk paint, you can also ask one of the store clerks for some sticks to go along with your paint. In my experience, they happily give them away.

making garden markers with kids

Once you have your paint sticks and other supplies, you’ll have labels ready to place in your vegetable garden, in no time.

DIY Garden Markers for kids

These garden markers are such a fun craft to do with the kids. Kids will enjoy painting and decorating their garden labels. 

How do you garden with children?

  1. Let the kids go with you to pick out the plants they want to grow in the garden – squash plants are a fun plant and yields several vegetables, watermelon, strawberries, pumpkins, and tomatoes are more fun garden plants
  2. Designate an area in the garden for the kids to plant their fruits, flowers and vegetables
  3. Help them dig holes for the plants
  4. Let the kids put the plants in and cover root or seed with dirt
  5. Label the plants with a garden marker
  6. Consistently water your plants
  7. Enjoy!

What can I plant with the kids?

Here are just some suggestions for planting a garden with your kids…

  • zucchini – this is very hardy and yields much squash
  • tomatoes – cherry tomatoes are fun to pick and just pop in your mouth
  • cucumbers – they are a lot like the zucchini plant
  • lettuce – as long as the bunny rabbits don’t eat your lettuce, it’s a fun plant to watch and nibble on
  • potatoes – this is so much fun. Take old potatoes that have sprouted. Cut the sections with the sprouts and plant them. Watch them grow!
  • radish
  • onions
  • herbs
  • flowers for color and fun
  • varieties of peppers

Here are my top Amazon Picks for this Garden Marker Craft to make with the kids…

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Here’s what you’ll need for this fun DIY Garden Marker Craft…

  • chalkboard paint – this comes in several colors, we went with classic black
  • paint stir sticks
  • paintbrush – we like to use disposable sponge brushes
  • white chalk marker

Instructions for Garden Markers made from Paint Stir Sticks…

  • Place a protective cover over your work surface
  • paint the pain sticks from the narrow portion of the handle all the way to the bottom
  • *we just painted one side of the stick
  • wait for the chalk paint to dry
  • using the chalk marker, label the paint stir sticks with your plant names 
  • *the chalk marker will look transparent at first. As it dries, it will darken up to a nice bold white
  • After the chalk marker dries, push sticks into the ground near your plants to label your vegetables, flowers, and herbs

~ Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do 

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