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Make an adorable Fall Candy Corn Bowl out of a clay pot. Easily transform a clay pot into an adorable Candy Corn Clay Pot. This Candy Corn Fall Craft is the perfect decoration for fall and Halloween. Come on in and I’ll share how you can easily make this fall craft, today…

Candy Corn Clay Pot Craft

Candy Corn Clay Pot – Fall Craft…

This is a really simple craft that doesn’t require too many items to make and is so practical to have. 

Candy Corn Clay Pot Craft for Fall and Halloween

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Here are the items you will need for this Candy Corn Clay Pot…

clay pot candy corn jar

  • Clay Pot – The one pictured is a 4-inch clay pot
  • Acrylic Paints – Orange, Yellow, and White
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Wax paper or newspaper to protect your surface
  • Acrylic Spray Sealer – optional

Instructions for this Fall Craft…

Candy Corn Clay Pot Craft for Fall and Halloween

  • *you can use large rubber bands to mark off the sections and obtain a straight. As you can see, I did not use rubber bands on my painting project
  • You’ll want to paint the top and bottom sections first – paint white around the rim and yellow around the bottom half
  • When those dry, paint the middle orange
  • Repeat a with a few more coats
  • you can use an acrylic spray sealer to seal the inside and outside. Let is dry completely before adding any type of food product
Candy Corn Clay Pot Craft for Fall and Halloween

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