A Pumpkin Turkey Centerpiece For Thanksgiving

This is such a fun and adorable centerpiece. And, it’s pretty easy to do! If you’re interested in making this gorgeous guy for your Thanksgiving table…read on. I’ll show you how!

turkey centerpiece craft

Turkey Centerpiece Craft:

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Supplies needed: 

  • A large pumpkin
  • Brown spray paint – I used chocolate brown
  • Styrofoam Ball – Sized Proportionate to your pumpkin – You’ll use this as the turkey’s head
  • Chocolate Brown craft paint
  • Orange craft paint
  • Clothespin
  • Red felt – cut a piece like a long skinny triangle for your waddle
  • Large googly eyes (2)
  • Low temp glue gun
  • Drill with a Speedbor drill bit that matches the circumference of your candlesticks – or a knife to carve out a hole for the candlesticks

Now, On to the craft!:

  • Turkey craft Thanksgiving
  • Spray paint the large pumpkin brown – set to dry
  • Turkey craft Thanksgiving
  • Paint the Styrofoam ball with the brown craft paint – set to dry
  • Paint the clothespin orange – set to dry
  • When everything is dry
  • Turkey craft Thanksgiving
  • Make the turkey’s face:
  • Add goodly eyes, orange clothespin and red felt ( glue the wide end to the clothespin and let the skinny long part hang down like a waddle) to the Styrofoam ball with hot glue
  • Turkey craft Thanksgiving These are Speedbor drill bits – A 3/4 inch would probably be the right size for most candlesticks.
  • Turkey craft Thanksgiving
  • An adult should carefully Drill 4 holes in the top/back of the pumpkin – going around the back about 1&1/2 inches apart
  • Don’t drill the holes too large, so the candlesticks slip down
  • Turkey craft Thanksgiving
  • Place a wooden dowel into the front of the pumpkin – where you envision your head to go – leaving a few inches out to stick into the Styrofoam ball
  • A Turkey Pumpkin Candle Holder For Thanksgiving!
  • Slide the head onto the dowel – you can secure it with hot glue
  • Place candlesticks into your 4 holes on top – hot glue to secure
  • You’re done! Enjoy!

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