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Transform your pumpkins and gourds into centerpieces by turning them into candles. Read on to see how I made candles out of gourds. I’ll tell you what I learned while tackling this craft for the very first time!

  • How to make gourd candles for a fun Thanksgiving Display -
  • Thanksgiving craft idea
  • First off, I now realize that the gourds purchased from a farm stand without the hard polyurethane coat are the only type to use when making gourd candles – the polyurethane coat makes it almost impossible to carve, and very dangerous
  • I also realize that the bumpier the surface the scarier it is to use a drill on – yikes!
  • Thanksgiving craft idea
  • I also now realize that a tall gourd is your friend – the drill bit is further away – again, yikes!
  • A candle stick is about a 3/4 inch drill bit
  • A 1&1/2 inch Speedbor drill bit is the perfect size for a tea light – battery operated being the safest for the table! 🙂
  • You can also look for wax granules!
  • Thanksgiving craft idea
  • Not so fun for you to clean up!
  • candles-in-gourds
  • But, very pretty display, and quite an adventure!

So, there’s my gourd candle making experience! I hope you can gain some insight on this fun craft before you get started on your own.

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com 

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