Giving Thanks Praying Hands Craft

Praying Hands! What a great hand print craft for Thanksgiving! So sweet!

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  • This is a simple and sweet craft that would just be so adorable on the Thanksgiving table! The praying hands are also sentimental hand prints from your kids to cherish for years to come. I love, love hand print crafts! I also think this would make the perfect Thanksgiving Sunday School craft! My timing stinks on that idea, but keep it in mind for next year! 😉 Here’s what I did to make these Giving Thanks Praying Hands Craft:

Giving Thanks Hand Print Praying Hands Craft and Table Decoration -

You’ll Need:

  • A large foam sheet – I used beige
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Give Thanks stickers, print outs, or toothpick party toppers like I used! (I recently added a free printable, below)
  • Glue

Praying Hands! What a great hand print craft for Thanksgiving! So sweet!

Here’s the “how to” on this simple and sweet Thanksgiving table decoration:

  • Trace the hands, and wrist with the fingers close together – not spread open
  • Cut the traced hand, and  out
  • Level the wrist section off by cutting a nice strait line
  • Glue the finger tips together
  • Add your decoration to the outside
  • Place the hands on the table with the base spread apart!
  • That’s it!

Here’s the printable I promised. There are now 2 to choose from. Just pick which one you want – Click and print. Happy Thanksgiving!

Free Printable Give Thanks Praying Hands Craft -

Give Thanks Printable for a sweet praying hand Thanksgiving craft -

~ Melissa –

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