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This paper plate bunny craft is such a fun craft and so darn cute! It’s easy to make, too. Don’t you love simple and cute crafts? Come on in, and I’ll show you how we made this cute paper plate bunny…

Paper Plate Bunny Craft

Paper Plate Bunny Craft…

Paper Plate Bunny Craft for kids

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Easter Bunny craft for kids

Here’s what you’ll want to grab for you paper plate bunny:

How to make a paper plate bunny craft

  • Paper plate 
  • white and pink construction paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • google eye – about 1 in. wide
  • white cotton ball or white pom-pom for tail 
  • 2 pieces of pink pipe cleaner
  • Glue Dots, Double Sided Tape or Stapler 

Instructions on making this Paper Plate Bunny…


How to make a paper plate bunny craft

  • You’ll want to make bunny ears with the white and pink construction paper layering the pink on top of the white
  • Put them together like a heart and glue
  • Fold the paper plate over and Place the ears inside the rim of the plate
  • Glue or tape them in place
  • Glue the rim of the plate or use, double sided tape to tape it together
  • Fold the pipe cleaners into whiskers 
  • Add the tail, nose, whiskers (pipe cleaner), and eye
  • That’s it! 

Tip to make this extra easy for preschoolers…

  • Have an already folded plate ready to decorate
  • The kids can glue or tape the ears to the back of the plate instead of the inside and decorate with your help



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