How to Make an Easter Bunny Basket

This has to be one of my favorite Easter crafts. It is an Easter craft that doubles as an Easter Basket. This is such a cute Easter Bunny Basket that’s perfect for the kids to make. 

homemade Easter bunny basket

Homemade Easter Bunny Basket

This Easter Bunny DIY craft is so cute. My 7-year-old, Ella convinced me to do this craft with her over the weekend. I have to say, I was really not all that enthusiastic about gathering supplies for a bunny box. Ella had found this craft in a book I brought home from the library, and she was determined to do it with me. So, I pushed on, and I’m so glad.

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Are you ready to make this cute Easter Basket? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need: 

Some examples of Equipment Needed from Amazon

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Supplies Needed:

  • box – We used a Saltine Crackerbox
  • small white paper plate – about 7 inches in diameter
  • 2 Large google eyes – about 1&1/2 in. in diameter
  • Light blue foam sheet
  • 3 sheets of White paper or foam sheet
  • Pink paper or foam sheet
  • Spring colored pipe cleaner – pastel colors are perfect
  • Large pom-pom – a spring color – pink, purple or blue
  • 2 pink pipe cleaners
  • 1 pink foam heart
  • Fiber-fill
  • Low temp glue gun and glue sticks


For the Head

DIY Bunny Easter Basket Craft. I love this!

  • Add some hot glue to the front of the paper plate, and fill it with fiber-fill
  • Cut bunny ears out of one of the white sheets of paper – ours are about 2&1/2x6in.
  • Cut pink to inside about 1&1/2 inches by 4in.
  • Glue the pink and white earpieces together, and glue them to the back of the paper plate
  • Bend both of your pink pipe cleaners into Vs and place the heart sticker in the middle for the nose and whiskers

DIY Bunny Easter Basket Craft. I love this!

  • Turn the google eyes around and cut a slit out of the back – large enough to pull the black insert out
  • Cut 2 round blue pieces – a little larger than the black inserts and stuff those into the google eyes. These will replace the black round pieces
  • Glue your whiskers and eyes on the front of your fiber-fill paper plate


Easter bunny basket butt

  • Laying the box on its side, cut one side out completely for the top of your basket
  • Wrap the outside of the box in white paper and glue to secure it
  • Glue the box to the head
  • Glue fiber-fill to the outside of the box, over the white paper
  • Glue some fiber-fill to the back of the head
  • Add a large pom-pom to the bunny’s bum
  • Attach pipe cleaner somewhere on the top of the box as the handle. We poked a hole in both sides of the box, inserted both ends of the pipe cleaner, and bent them tight to hold it in place. I added a dab of glue for more strength

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