Easter Bunny DIY Basket Craft

Easter Bunny DIY Basket Craft

This Easter Bunny DIY craft is so cute! My 7 year old, Ella convinced me to do this craft with her over the weekend. I have to say, I was really not all that enthusiastic about gathering supplies for a bunny box. Ella had found this craft in a book I brought home from the library, and she was determined to do it with me. So, I pushed on, and I’m so glad. This has to be one of my favorite Easter crafts! It doubles as an Easter Basket. As a matter of fact, Ella loves it so much that she is replacing her fabric Easter Basket with the bunny basket, this year. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • A box – We used a Saltine Cracker box
  • A small white paper plate – about 7 inch
  • 2 Large google eyes – about 1&1/2 in. in diameter
  • Light blue foam sheet
  • White paper or foam sheet – 3 sheets
  • Pink paper or foam sheet
  • Spring color pipe cleaner
  • Large pom-pom – spring color – pink, purple or blue
  • 2 pink pipe cleaners
  • 1 pink foam heart
  • Fiber-fill
  • Hot glue gun


DIY Easter Bunny Basket Craft. Made with everyday items. So cute!


  • DIY Bunny Easter Basket Craft. I love this!
  • Add some hot glue to the front of the paper plate, and fill it with fiber-fill
  • Cut bunny ears out of one of the white sheets of paper – ours are about 2&1/2x6in. 
  • Cut pink to inside about 1&1/2 inches by 4in.
  • Glue the pink and white ear pieces together, and glue them to the back of the paper plate
  • Bend both of your pink pipe cleaner into Vs and place the heart sticker in the middle for the nose and whiskers

DIY Bunny Easter Basket Craft. I love this!

  • Turn the google eyes around and cut a slit out of the back – large enough to pull the black insert out
  • Cut 2 round blue pieces – a little larger than the black inserts and stuff those into the google eyes. These will replace the black round pieces
  • Glue your whiskers and eyes on the front of your fiber-fill paper plate


  • DIY Easter Bunny Basket Craft. Made with everyday items. So cute!
  • Laying the box on it’s side, cut one side out completely for the top of your basket
  • Wrap the outside of the box in white paper and glue to secure it
  • Glue the box to the head
  • Glue fiber-fill to the outside of the box, over the white paper
  • Glue some fiber-fill to the back of the head
  • Add a large pom-pom to the bunny’s bum
  • Attach pipe cleaner somewhere on the top of the box as the handle. We poked a hole in both sides of the box, inserted both ends of the pipe cleaner and bent them tight to hold it in place. I added a dab of glue for more strength

Equipment Needed

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