35 Salt Dough Ornaments for Christmas

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments are homemade Christmas ornaments that double as a sentimental Christmas craft that is fun to do with the kids. That is a win-win, in my book. These Christmas Salt Dough Ideas are the best of the best for you to make this holiday season.

salt dough ornaments

Homemade Ornaments are my favorite ones to pull out of the Christmas bins. The kids get so excited to hang their craft ornaments on the tree. They always find a special place just for their sentimental ornament. Over the years, we’ve made so many ornaments to share with you, like sugar ornaments, homemade pasta candy cane ornaments, nd Jolly Rancher Christmas ornaments,

Today, I thought I would round up some sentimental salt dough keepsake ornaments as fun Christmas Ornaments kids can make that we can try out this year. I can’t wait to make salt dough with the kids this weekend! It’s such a fun activity.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Salt Dough Christmas Ideas

Salt dough ornaments


Candy Cane Salt Dough Ornament

Kids will have fun coloring and twisting their salt dough into a a Candy Cane Salt Dough Ornament

ssalt dough ornament


Melting Snowman Salt Dough Ornament

This melted snowman is such a cute Salt Dough Christmas Ornament. Kids will have so much fun making their own version of a melting snowman with this Melted Snowman Salt Dough Ornament

cinnamon salt dough ornament


Gingerbread Salt Dough Ornaments

These Salt Dough Gingerbread ornaments are scented and colored with cinnamon. What a fun Christmas ornament to make with the kids.

salt dough ornament


Rustic Gingerbread Salt Dough Ornaments

These salt dough gingerbread ornaments take on a more rustic feel with gingham scarves and what looks like cloves for eyes.

Get the tutorial on Where Your Treasure Is

salt dough ornament


Artistic Handprint Salt Dough Ornaments

Kids can put their own creative stamp on these hand-print salt dough ornaments.

Handprint works of art – found on Olive Juice Mama

salt dough ornament


Snowman Family Salt Dough Ornament

This salt dough snowman family is a cute way to add a little touch of fun to any hand print ornament.

Found on Paging Fun Mums

Over salt dough ornament


Sea Glass Christmas Ornament

This is a clever way to use all of that sea glass you found over the summer. Make a keepsake salt dough ornament with sea glass.

Sea Glass Christmas Tree – found on Red Ted Art

salt dough ornament


Fingerprint Snowman Salt Dough Ornament

Kids will have so much fun using their fingerprints to make a cute snowman ornament.

Thumbprint Ornament found on Crafty Morning

salt dough ornament


Santa Handprint Salt Dough Ornament

This handprint Santa Clause ornament is so cute!

Hand Print Santa from – From ABCs to ACTS

salt dough ornament


Fingerprint Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament

Kids will love painting their fingerprints to look like Christmas ornaments on this Christmas Tree Homemade Ornament.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree found on Messy Little Monster

salt dough ornament


Star Shaped Salt Dough Ornament

Use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make this cute salt dough ornament.

No Bake Salt Dough is found on Wife Mommy Me. The link is no longer available.

salt dough ornament


Handprint Salt Dough Snowman Family

Why stop at one hand when you can make ten snowmen out of both handprints?

Salt Dough Snowman Family – found on Learning and exploring Through Play

salt dough ornament


Snowman Face Salt Dough Ornament

Turn circle shapes into a fun art project by making snowmen. Sign them on the back and give them out as Christmas gifts.

Salt Dough Snowmen found on The Adventure of One Crazy Lady

salt dough ornament


Salt Dough Christmas Ornament

Use a round shape to make a variety of beautiful Christmas Ornaments for the tree.

Pretty Painted Salt Dough Ornaments found on Soldaeira Handmade. The link no longer works.

salt dough ornament


Reindeer Footprint Salt Dough Ornaments

These cute baby footprints are turned into a Rudolph Ornament for the Christmas tree. So cute!

Reindeer Footprint Ornaments found on Fun Handprint Art Blog

salt dough ornament


Mistletoe Salt Dough Ornament

This mistletoe footprint ornament is so crazy cute. Turn your baby’s footprints into a cute mistletoe ornament with this salt dough Christmas ornament idea.

Mistletoe Footprints found on Fun Handprint Art

salt dough ornament


Reindeer Salt Dough Ornament

Upside Down Gingerbread cookie cutters are turned into Reindeer in this salt dough ornament idea.

found on My Frugal Adventures

salt dough ornament


Evergreen Leaf Salt Dough Ornament

If you have a live Christmas tree, take a leaf off it to make a sentimental salt dough ornament. Don’t forget to write the date on the bake.

Adding Greenery to Salt Dough found on My Very Educated Mother

salt dough ornament


Marbled Heart Salt Dough Ornament

Combine different colors of salt dough to make this cute heart Christmas ornament.

Rainbow Marbled Salt Dough Ornaments found on Two-Daloo

salt dough ornament


Reindeer Footprint Salt Dough Ornament

Turn your baby’s footprint into an adorable reindeer salt dough ornament as a sentimental craft and ornament.

footprint Reindeer found on Mum of Boy. The link no longer works

salt dough ornament


Penguin Footprint Salt Dough Ornament

This adorable footprint ornament looks like a cute penguin dressed for winter.

A cute penguin footprint was found on Messy Little Monster

salt dough ornament


Footprint Snowman Salt Dough Ornament

All bundled up for winter, these footprint snowmen ornaments are too cute.

Snowman Footprint family found on Crafty Morning

salt dough ornament


Salt Dough Picture Frame Ornament

Turn a handprint into an adorable picture frame ornament. Perfect for Christmas gifts and keepsake crafts.

Handprint Photo Ornament found on Teach Me Mommy

salt dough ornament


Paw Print Salt Dough Ornament

This salt dough paw print ornament is quite the keepsake for your pet. Cherish their time with you and keep their memory alive at Christmas with this sweet ornament.

found on One Little Project

salt dough ornament


Grinch Salt Dough Ornament

This handprint is turned into the Grinch. It is such a cute keepsake ornament to make with the kids.

Grinch Handprint Ornaments found on From ABCs to ACTs 

salt dough ornament


A Cross Salt Dough Ornament

Remembering the true reason for the season. This cross salt dough ornament would make a great craft at Sunday School.

Salt Dough Crosses with Beads found on The Artist Woman

salt dough ornament


Salt Dough Star Christmas Garland

This scented garland would be an adorable activity for the kids.

Salt Dough Garland found on Rainy Day Mum

salt dough ornament


Fingerprint Salt Dough Picture Frame

Make a keepsake Christmas ornament out of the kid’s fingerprints turned into ornaments.

Fingerprint Frame Ornament found on Teach Me Mommy

salt dough ornament


Pine Tree Stamped Salt Dough Ornament

Pine Stamped Salt Dough Ornament. Another way to keep the memory of your Christmas tree is to make a pine tree stamped Christmas tree ornament.

found on Easy Peasy and Fun

salt dough ornament


Making a cute snowman ornament out of 3 different thumbprints from salt dough is such a clever idea.

Thumbprint Snowman from Lines Across

salt dough ornament


Starfish Salt Dough Ornaments

This salt dough ornament is perfect for those of you by the sea.

Starfish Ornament found on Domestic Ingenuity



Button Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament

Kids will have so much fun making this button ornament Christmas Tree

Found on Emma Owl


Elf Handprint Salt Dough Ornament

I love this handprint turned into an elf. Such a cute Christmas ornament.

Found on Simple Everyday Mom


Set of Footprints Mistletoe Salt Dough Ornament

An adorable set of baby’s footprints turned into mistletoe

Image Source spotted on Pinterest



Paw Print Salt Dough Ornament

Using your pet’s paws to make a keepsake ornament is such a sweet idea and memory. These paw print ornaments are painted green or red with gold paint for the actual paw print.

Image source – Spotted on Pinterest

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!

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