A Fall Fal Harvest Party Ideas

I love fall. Come on in, and I’ll show you all of my fun fall harvest Apple Party Ideas complete with adorable easy to make apple gift bags, and adorable caramel apple cookies:

Fall Apple Harvest Party table and ideas for fun food for kids, apple craft, apple butter and the best apple game for kids and adults! - www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com

Fall Harvest Party Ideas 

As sad as I am to see summer go, I can’t wait to experience the fun fall activities that we love to do. One of our traditions is apple picking. Of course, each kid gets to fill up their own bag, because really that’s part of the fun.  Then, of course, each one of my four kids fills their apple bag to the tippy top. So, then about $40 later, we come home with 4 bags full of apples and I scramble for recipes and canning ideas for a giant bowl full of apples. This year, I thought it would be fun to have some friends over and make an Apple Picking Celebration. I was able to put my apples to good use, not only in recipes like delicious Apple Butter, but I also used them in a fun fall game idea.

The best home made apple butter recipe. It's easy and so yummy! Perfect for canning - www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com

How can you have an Apple Harvest party without some delicious apple butter? It’s not only a great idea for what to eat, but it’s also a great party gift. Here’s the recipe for the best Apple Butter, ever! click here

Adorable caramel apple sugar cookie recipe for a kid friendly apple fun food! Great fall activity and great for parties! www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com

Of course, you just HAVE to make these adorable and delicious Caramel (or no caramel) Apple Cookies on a Stick! Here’s the tutorial on this fun food idea! Click Here

A fun outdoor apple game for kids and adults! Perfect for fall and harvest parties! A great alternative to bobbing for apples. www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com

This is so much fun and harder than it looks! My kids were definitely caught cheating. Little Cheaters! Adults and kids love to play this game. It’s a great alternative to Bobbing for Apples! Tie strings around apple stems and hang them at mouth level. Have everyone participating hold their hands behind their backs and try to take a bite out of an apple while they swing on a string! So fun!

Apple Goody bags

These Apple Bags are great! all you need for this craft is:

  • Red paper bags
  • Clothespins
  • Green construction leaf cutouts

Apple Goody Bags for fall



  • Just fill the bags with goodies and fold them over the top
  • Secure with a clothespin and slip a leaf under the clothespin

I hope you were able to get something fun to do with all of my apple-themed goodies. Enjoy fall, y’all!

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do



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