Milk Jug Scarecrow Craft & Candy Bucket

This cute Milk Jug Scarecrow Craft & Candy Bucket is perfect to carry Halloween candy. Easy to make and so much fun.

milk jug scarecrow bucket

Milk Jug Scarecrow Craft & Candy Bucket

milk jug scarecrow fall craft

I know that scarecrows are intended to scare things away, but this guy is just plain adorable.

Easy to make and perfect for carrying all of that heavy candy on Halloween. Even your candy bucket will be dressed up and ready for a fun candy-filled night.

Or, maybe you just want to make an easy scarecrow craft. this is a really simple craft to try and it will look so cute hanging out around the house this fall or at Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, if you are looking for Thanksgiving Crafts to try out this year. I’ve got you covered. I hope you’ll check them out and find some to try out. In the meantime, let’s get started with this cute scarecrow craft.

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What I love about this Craft

  • Easy to make with very few craft supplies
  • With so many uses, it’s very practical
  • It will last from year to year so it can be reused
  • It’s a great recycling craft

What type of tape works best for this craft?

I like to use heavy-duty double-sided tape for holding the raffia down securely

Are you ready to make this fun fall craft? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need: 

Supplies Needed…

  • milk jug – rinsed and dried
  • large googly eyes
  • double sided tape (heavy duty)
  • orange foam sheet
  • raffia
  • black 3D puffy paint squeeze tube
  • optional – clear tape or masking tape

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  • An adult will need to cut the top off of the milk jug – leaving the handle intact
making a milk jug scarecrow
  • use double sided tape to line the inside of the top/front and sides of the jug
  • cut 4-inch pieces of raffia and stick them to the double-sided tape
milk jug scarecrow bucket
  • fold the raffia over and secure it with more double-sided tape on the outside of the jug, (shown above)
  • or use another type of tape to hold it in place
  • *(clear tape or masking tape will somewhat hold it in place, but it is not as strong as the double-sided tape. I have in the Amazon links above)
  • use the double sided tape to attach the eyes
  • cut a large triangle nose from the foam and use tape to secure that to the jug
  • use the puffy paint to make a smile with stitches

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