Pretzel Broomstick Halloween Treats

These easy-to-make Pretzel Broomstick Halloween Treats are such a fun idea for Halloween. A fun party treat and craft all in one.

pretzel broomstick craft for Halloween

Pretzel Broomstick Halloween Treats

These are so easy to put together and such a cute treat for the kids. Or, let the kids put them together to give them out to friends.

What I love about this Halloween Craft

  • It’s a craft and a food treat all in one with the bonus of a straw
  • this is so simple to make – the kids will have no problem helping with this one
  • it’s something unique
  • because it’s not a sweet treat, it might be allowed as a school party treat

Halloween pretzel broomstick craft

What Could I Use in Place of Pretzel Sticks?

  • carrot sticks
  • celery sticks
  • candy sticks – cut in half or thirds
  • Pocky sticks
  • licorice twists

What Else Could I put in place of the paper straw?

  • pencils
  • slap bracelets
  • pens
  • bubble wands

How Far in Advance Can I make these Pretzel Broomsticks?

Because the bags are somewhat sealed, and pretzels have a long shelf life, you could probably make these a week in advance

If you are ready to make these fun pretzel broomsticks, let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need:

Supplies Needed…

  • clear cellophane gift bags – 4×6 inches with twist ties
  • mini pretzel sticks
  • paper straws
  • Halloween ribbon

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  • place about 15-20 pretzel sticks into a gift bag
  • insert a paper straw into the center
  • pull the bag around the straw and use a twist tie to secure
  • cut some Halloween ribbon into about a 6-inch piece and tie it around the twist tie

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