Pilgrim Hat Craft for Kids

Celebrate Thanksgiving in style with this Pilgrim Hat Craft. Kids will look so adorable at the Thanksgiving table in these Foam Pilgrim Hats. Grab the kids to help you with this fun and easy Thanksgiving Craft. Make these fun hats before the meal and let the kids wear them for Thanksgiving Dinner…

pilgrim hat craft

Here’s What You’ll need for each Pilgrim Hat:

  1. A sturdy piece of paper, like card stock or poster board to use for your template
  2. 12×18 piece of black craft foam
  3. Yellow foam sheet
  4. Gold foam sheet
  5. Pipe Cleaner – Also called chenille craft stems
  6. Craft Glue
  7. measuring tape
  8. marker
  9. A kid – to measure the size of their head
Pilgrim Hat Craft for Thanksgiving


Here is a template for your pilgrim hat (just click and print), or you can just follow the instructions to make your own.

The template is found, here: pilgrim-hat

  • Start out with your card stock, marker, and measuring tape
  • pilgrim hat craft
    • at the bottom of the page measure a line 5 in. across, and draw the line with you marker
    • Now, with a slight angle inward, about 80 degrees, make a line going 6 and 1/2 in. in length upward.
    • Connect the 2 vertical lines
  • This is your template
  • Cut this out to use
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  • Now, layout a black piece of paper-or-foam, and in the center, trace your hat template
  • Cut around the 2 vertical lines and the top shorter line – This will be the hole for a child’s head
    *DO NOT CUT THE BOTTOM 5 IN. LINE – you’ll just have a hole in a black piece of paper
pilgrim hat craft
  • Now, cut curved lines from the 4 outside corners of your large black foam. You can trim it as much as you need to. I had to trim quite a bit back because the hat brim was too long in front, and the kids couldn’t see
pilgrim hat craft
  • Try the hat onto your child or children. Adjust the size of the opening so that it fits them
  • Turn your hat to the backside.
pilgrim hat craft
  • Take your pipe cleaner and tape one end of it under the brim, and the other end going up the tall hat piece. This will help keep the hat upright
pilgrim hat craft
  • Pull the center, part forward to make the pilgrim’s hat stand up
pilgrim craft for kids
  • Decorate with a strip yellow foam
  • Finally, add a square piece of gold foam

Below are old photos of the kids crafting these hats out of construction paper. Abi has one on her head…

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