Paper Plate Sun Craft

We all love receiving precious handprint crafts. This Paper Plate Sun Craft is so cute and brightens up any room with little rays of handprints shining out from the sun. This would be a cute idea for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion.

hand print sun craft

Paper Plate Sun Craft

paper plate sun craft

Spring is here, but it’s still cold outside. This sun is such a fun reminder that warmer days are coming. Hopefully, very soon.

paper plate sunshine craft

This fun craft is a great way to bring in summer and brighter days.

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Tips and Tricks for Handprint Crafts:

  • If you are tracing a baby’s handprint, try to enlist someone to help you. A baby’s hand tends to turn back into a fist just as soon as you get it to flatten out for a handprint. Having someone to help hold the hand while you quickly trace the print will help you
  • With older kids, help guide their hand to the place you want it on the paper. Let them know if you need their fingers fanned out, close together, or the thumb pointing out for something such as a turkey handprint craft
  • Don’t worry about getting the perfect handprint. Kids tend to get pretty impatient when it comes to sitting still. You can always adjust it later or use the original to trace a better  handprint for your craft

Here’s What You’ll Need for this Sun Handprint Craft

  • Yellow Cardstock – 2 large pieces (12x12in.) should be enough
  • Red Cardstock
  • Paper Plate
  • Yellow Paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  • Paint the paper plate yellow and let dry
  • On yellow paper  trace your child’s handprints, and cut them out
  • *The number of handprints you’ll need will vary depending on your child’s hand size. You will probably need at least 7 handprints
  • *You can just trace one handprint with your child and then use that handprint as a template to draw the rest
  • Cut the handprints out
  • Turn the plate around to the back, and glue the handprints all around the outer edge
  • Cut a sunglass shape and smile out of the red cardstock
  • Glue the sunglasses and smile onto the front of the paper plate

~Melissa –

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