Toilet Paper Leprechaun Hat Napkin Holder (Easy to Make)

Make this easy to make Toilet Paper Leprechaun Hat Napkin Holder for a great table decoration. These St. Patrick’s Day crafts are so cute at the table on St. Patrick’s Day. They’ll add some extra excitement for the kids. 

leprechaun hat toilet paper napkin ring craft

Leprechaun Hat Napkin Ring Craft

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Are you ready to make these cute napkin holders? Let’s make sure you have everything you need: 

Supplies for this St. Patrick’s Day Napkin Holder Craft

  1. Green Toilet Paper Rolls
  2. *Spray Paint-Green -If you can’t find prepainted paper rolls at your craft store
  3. Yellow Craft foam or felt
  4. Green Craft foam or felt
  5. Black Craft foam or felt
  6. Scissors
  7. low temp. Glue Gun and glue sticks

Instructions for  Hat:

    • Cut the toilet paper tube so it is about 3 inches long
    • *If you don’t have tubes pre-painted for you…Spray Paint the cut pieces of your toilet paper rolls with the Green paint-covering the outside and let dry

    making a leprechaun hat crayon holder

    • Cut several slits in the bottom of your roll going all the way around, and bend them outward – this will hold your felt (foam) circle-brim
    • Take your Green Foam or Felt – using a toilet paper roll as a template – trace around the roll onto the green foam
    • Now, keeping your toilet paper roll stationary, trace the inside as well

    making a leprechaun hat from a toilet paper tube

    • Cut the circle shape out making sure the hole is big enough to fit around the tube and wide enough to be a hat brim
    • Slide the green felt (foam) circle onto the roll, with the folded-out edges at the bottom
    • Using your brown felt (foam) cut a narrow strip the length of the circumference of your toilet paper roll
    • Wrap it around the bottom of the roll-just above the green felt (foam) piece-glue to secure
    • Using your yellow felt (foam), cut out a small yellow square to serve as the hat buckle
    • Set it in the center of the black strip and glue

st. patrick's day napkin ring craft

  • slide onto a folded napkin and enjoy at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration



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