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Painting and decorating rocks is such a fun activity to do with the kids. You can go on a rock hunt, or make it really easy and purchase a big bag of river rocks. Either way, the kids will love painting rocks with chalk paint and decorating them with chalk markers.

Chalk Painted Rocks Garden Markers

The great part about chalk rocks is the ability to erase your decorations and draw others.

Chalk Painted Rocks Garden Markers

If the kids make a mistake – no problem!

Painted Rock Idea - Chalk Painted Garden Markers

They can add designs, labels, and their own creative touches.

Painted Rock Idea - Chalk Painted Garden Markers

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What paint can you use on rocks?

  • Acrylic outdoor paint is ideal. However, chalkboard paint is a great alternative and fun to decorate

How do you paint the garden rocks?

  • Make sure rocks are cleaned and free of dirt or debris. They should also be dry. Protect a surface for painting rocks. Paint the top and side of the rocks. Allow the paint to dry. Use paint pens or chalk markers to decorate. 

How do you prepare rocks for painting?

  • Clean rocks from dirt or debris. Allow the rocks to dry


Here is what you’ll need to make these Painted Rock Garden Markers …

  • River Rocks – I found ours in the landscape/garden center at  Home Depot
  • Chalkboard paint – you can find several colors to use. We used black
  • Sponge brushes for painting
  • Chalk markers 

Instructions on Painted Rock Garden Markers…

  • Pick out the rocks that you want to paint 
  • *plants like tomatoes and zucchini will need longer rocks to allow for the length o the name
  • Allow rocks to dry
  • Use chalk markers to label and decorate rocks
  • *the chalk markers will go on translucent, but as the chalk dries it will become a bolder color

That’s it! Enjoy your cute garden rocks! 

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do 


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