DIY Easy Rudolph Christmas Wreath

So, what do you think? I’m not the best at making fancy wreaths. I prefer to tackle the cute ones. I showed the new Rudolph Wreath to my little guy and he gave me a bear hug. I guess that’s a pretty good indication that it’s a hit with the kids! Oh…it’s inexpensive too! Thank goodness for that, right? I paid under $10 for my supplies. A nice bonus!

Make a cute Rudolph wreath out of mittens and a winter hat! So easy and adorable. Great craft and Christmas decoration -

For this DIY Easy Rudolph Christmas Wreath – you’ll need:

  • A grapevine wreath – I found mine at Walmart
  • A brown hat – I found this at The Dollar Tree
  • Fiberfill 
  • 1 8×8 in. square of cardboard, wood, or Styrofoam board – basically something sturdy
  • Large white pom-poms – 2
  • Google eyes – 2
  • 1 Large red pom-pom
  • A set of brown mittens – also a Dollar Tree find
  • Warm or Hot glue gun and sticks – I craft a lot with my kids, so I prefer the warm version
  • A red bow – optional


DIY Easy Plush Rudolph Wreath -

  • Fill your cap with fiberfill and glue to secure
  • Glue the cap to your Styrofoam board making sure there is a little board sticking out at the bottom to glue to the wreath
  • Use your glue decorate it with the white pom-poms for eyes with google eyes glued to the center of those and the red pom-pom for Rudolph’s nose
  • Hold the wreath up and making sure that Rudolph’s muzzle is resting slide the bottom of the board down the back of the wreath and glue to secure it to the grapevine
  • Fill the brown mittens with fiberfill and glue the ends together to seal
  • Glue those so the wrist portion is behind the head of Rudolph sticking out like antlers – I faced the thumb portion toward the wreath
  • Glue the fingers, spread out to the sides of the wreath – this is important to give the head more stablity
  • Add your red bow to the bottom, and if you want, a ribbon to the top 

DIY Easy Plush Rudolph Wreath -

You’re done! Enjoy your cute wreath! 

Here’s some stuff you might need or even want for this wreath:
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