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A Pom-Pom Launcher is a fun craft and activity all rolled into one. They are easy to make and provide hours of fun. Easily turn a pool noodle into a fun launcher that’s perfect for playing around the house or in the backyard. Come on in and I’ll show you how to make this fun activity with the kids…

pom-pom launcher

Pom-Pom Launcher

easy pom pom launcher

It’s easy to up-cycle pool noodles into a fun activity for the kids.

easy pool noodle pom pom shooter

Tips and Tricks for making your Pool Noodle launchers…

  • Make sure the pom-poms are smaller in diameter than the center of the pool noodle
  • It may take a couple of snaps from the balloon to launch the pom-pom
  • Have fun with different styles of duck tape. There are so many varieties to choose from
  • Use strong latex balloons for your launcher

Here’s What You’ll Need for the Pom Pom Shooter…

(for each shooter)

  • 1 latex balloon
  • scissors
  • pool noodle
  • duck tape

How do you make a Pom Pom Launcher?

  • Cut a section of the pool noodle – about 6 inches

how to make a pom pom launcher

  • Cut the round end of the balloon

how to make a pom pom launcher

  • Pull the cut portion of the balloon over one end of the pool noodle
  • Use duck tape to secure the balloon to the pool noodle
  • Tie the balloon end, just like you would if you blew the balloon up

how to make a pom pom launcher




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